100% Pro-Life & Pro-Family

Married to Barb for 37 years – Father of 4 – Grandfather of 4

My Life-long Commitment:
Protect Life from Conception to Natural Death.
Protect Marriage & Family Values.
No Compromise.



Reduce Government Intervention-Improve the Business Climate
Allow Businesses to Invest in Personnel & Equipment, NOT in Taxes and Fees.
LOWER THE COSTS of doing business in Minnesota-
1. Lower Business Taxes
2. Stop Wasteful & Costly Spending & Regulations

Keep Government Out of Our Lives
Protect the Constitution
Individual Rights
State’s Rights
The Right to Keep and Bear Arms
Reduce Spending
Lower Taxes

Local Control, Equalize Funding, Quality Education
Support Teachers-Allow Discipline, Indemnify from Lawsuits, No Special
Favors for special interest groups.
Support Pine Tech and its programs.
Parents Right to Choose-Private, Public or Home Schooling.

Service • Experience • Values
Roger Crawford is a consistent, trusted conservative with the experience we need to get Minnesota back on track. As your representative, he will not sacrifice principle for political or personal gain. With a record of reducing spending and protecting our values Roger is the best candidate to represent the people in our area.