Caucus March 1, 2016 at Trailview in Mora

Dear Neighbors and Friends,
imageOn March 1, 2016, citizens across Minnesota will meet to discuss issues, support candidates and lend their voices to democracy in action. All political parties in Minnesota will meet that night at 7:00. It is a chance for citizens to live out the great and powerful idea that reminds us, “here the people rule.”

For Kanabec County Republicans, our meeting will be at the Trailview School in Mora, starting at 7:00 pm. All citizens who plan on supporting the Republican Party and its candidates may attend.

This year our main focus is selecting our next Republican nominee for President of the United States. If you’ve been following the contest so far, you know the nomination fight is far from decided. March 1 or Super Tuesday, will play an important role in selecting our eventual nominee. On that date, Republicans in 14 states will to choose their favorite candidate.

In Minnesota, our Republican caucus procedures are somewhat different from some other states. Here, attendees do not have to state publicly who they support. The balloting is done secretly. That doesn’t mean you can’t share who you prefer and try to convince others. It just means you won’t be required to defend who you support.

For me, I find the Republican Party best represents what I believe to be the ideal. Although far from perfect, my party attempts to fulfill the promise of a smaller government and individual liberty while promoting justice for all.

Our party is made of individuals who work for a wage, small business owners, farmers, students, soldiers, retired citizens and many others. We are united in our love for America. We love the idea and genius of America, where each individual is free to pursue their dreams without being hampered by or having to ask permission from a master government.

If you find the direction of our state and national government to be troubling, I encourage Kanabec County residents to attend the Republican Party precinct caucus on March 1 @7:00 pm at Trailview School in Mora. Come and meet with your fellow citizens and share your view as to the direction our country and state should take. Here the people rule.

Roger Crawford,
Kanabec County Republican Chair​