Convention Update, MN Surplus, Fed. Sequestration

Dear Friends,
I was pleased that Kanabec County Republican Convention was very well attended with about 60-70 delegates, alternates, and guests.  Our goal is to have as many people as possible informed on the issues and involved in our party.  Convention attendees and guests heard Phil Krinkie, President of the Taxpayers League of Minnesota, explain his views on current budget and tax issues in Minnesota.  Additional guest speakers included State Senator Dave Brown, State Representative Sondra Erickson, and Candidate for State GOP Chair, Keith Downey.

I am also pleased to tell you that I was elected as the Chair of the Kanabec County Republicans.  My purpose is to continue to help elect conservative candidates to office.  I hope to also continue to provide you with pertinent information on today’s issues.

Minnesota 2013 Budget Update

Minnesota’s economy is improving, and now is not the time for job-killing tax increases that could slow economic growth.MN Budget Projected Surplus

Minnesota’s economy continues to improve thanks to the fiscal restraint & pro-growth policies of the 2011-2012 Republican majorities. A $5 billion dollar 2012-2013 deficit has turned into a $2.8 billion dollar surplus.

Sequestration in Perspective

The truth about the sequester doesn’t exactly look like a scorched earth budget.  In fact, we already had a big increase in Federal taxes for 2013.

Sequestration Cuts 2.4% Out of Total Federal Budget


If you were receiving a paycheck, you already know your taxes went up and your take home pay went down!
Do you know how big the Obama 2013 tax increase is? $149.7 BILLION!
That’s TWICE as much as sequestration.

Obama's Tax Increase twice as much as sequestration

It is pretty simple.  We have a spending problem.  The problem needs to be fixed.

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