Crawford Proves Strong in Debate

Pine City, MN
Last night at the Pine Tech Candidate Forum, Roger made a great appearance and showed everyone why he should be our State Representative. Based on my reaction and that of everyone I talked to, Roger is by far the best candidate to represent us in St. Paul.

Roger and Mike Cummins were seated at a table with Tim Faust and Tony Lourey in front of approximately 100-120 people. They answered many questions and were in front of the crowd for approximately 1 hour and 20 minutes.

The two occasions with the greatest applause were from Roger’s response to a question.

The first was when Roger came out against a state law to deal with bullying. After Tony Lourey spoke about the necessity of passing the law, Roger said that this was just another example of the state trying to get involved with something that needed to be dealt with at the local level. Roger went on to say that he thought it better to return the authority to the teacher in the classroom through a law that would indemnify teachers against civil lawsuits. This is when the crowd started clapping and cheering.

On another occasion, Roger was asked for one area that could be cut from state government. He mentioned that Local Government Aid was ripe for reform because it makes no sense for someone from Pine County to send money to St. Paul so that they can give the money to Minneapolis. He told the group, based on his experience as a city councilman, mayor and county commissioner, that the program needed to change to benefit small cities and counties for basic services. Again the crowd loudly approved.

Roger clearly gave the best answers to other questions such as, “how did the budget get so bad?” and “how will you work to help business in Minnesota?” and “give examples how you will be non partisan.” He reminded his audience that when the DFL took over the Legislature there was a $2 billion surplus and four short years later we have a $5.8 billion shortfall. He told the audience that they shouldn’t be confused about the budget and gave an easy to understand explanation about where we are today and where the Republicans want to take the state.

Roger was clearly the top candidate participating in the forum and gave answers that were straightforward, easy to understand and filled with examples. Mike Cummins made a very good showing as well. The two DFLers were off their game because 1) They know what’s in store for them in two weeks and 2) They had a tough special session of the Legislature earlier in the day. Other supporters attending the Pine Tech forum included Dave Cobb, Jim Evenson, Dale Kuzel, Robin Miche and Barb Crawford. Most of the attendees were from Pine and watched a county commissioner and sheriff debate before Roger took over.

Only two weeks until the election!
Please tell your neighbors and friends about both Roger and Mike.

Let’s do everything we can to push them over the top!

Sandy Juettner