Democrats Killing Twin Metals Project

Press Release: RPM Releases Statement on Democrats Killing Twin Metals Project

(Minneapolis, Minn.,) – The Republican Party of Minnesota Chairman Keith Downey released the following statement regarding the Obama Administration’s recent move to kill the Twin Metal mining project and effectively end mining in the Iron Range by prohibiting all future leases.

“In a cruel attack on Iron Range families right before Christmas, Democrats effectively killed the Twin Metals’ mining project today and likely all future mining with an order from the Obama administration. The Democrats’ cynical and pathetic show of rejecting the “kill mining” Resolution 54 at their State Central Committee meeting last Saturday is the absolute worst of politics. Shamefully, Mark Dayton, Rick Nolan and Amy Klobuchar claim to support mining, all the while they must have known that this order was coming. It is no coincidence that this order effectively accomplishes the intentions of Resolution 54. The order requires that equipment must be removed from the site and all activity shut down. We’ll say it again, watch what Democrats do, not what they say, when it comes to killing mining and destroying the economy of Northeastern Minnesota.”