Eisenhower-Reagan Connection

I don’t how many of you are interested in American History, especially the history of our presidents. I recently came across this article by Fred Barnes concerning the relationship between Ronald Reagan and Dwight D. Eisenhower. I thought you might enjoy reading about this original research.
Roger Crawford

Unearthing the Eisenhower-Reagan Connection

A footnote in a book about Ronald Reagan led Gene Kopelson to drop by the Eisenhower Library in Abilene, Kansas, in the fall of 2012. Kopelson is a physician, not an academically trained historian. But he had begun research on Reagan’s presidential run in 1968, a campaign to which historians have paid little attention and Reagan himself never counted as his first bid for the White House. The author of the footnote was Kiron Skinner, a Reagan scholar at the Hoover Institution. It pointed to a connection between Reagan and former president Dwight D. Eisenhower during the 1960s when Reagan was running for governor of California and, later, having won the election, was considering a presidential race. Kopelson was intrigued. He lives in Seattle and spends half the year in medicine, half pursuing his interest in history. He had planned a trip east along I-70. It would take him to three places in Missouri—the Truman Library in Independence, the scene of Winston Churchill’s Iron Curtain speech in Fulton, and Mark…..continue reading


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