House Redistricting Committee Releases Plan

The details of our redistricting bill (H.F. 1425) were released today (Monday).  The Redistricting Committee held public hearings in 3 important regional centers, visited with minority groups, held 18 meetings and included over 20 hours of public input to date.  They felt that public hearings were essential in their commitment to give Minnesotans a fair, open and transparent redistricting process.

The committee’s redistricting tour included Marshall, Rochester and Hermantown.  These are areas of significant demographic shifts, as well as of important minority populations including Hispanic, Somali, African American, and Native American residents.  The redistricting tour also helped Committee members and local officials analyze how the redistricting time frame impacts cities and counties as they redraw their local lines.  Their goal is to reflect the demographic changes across Minnesota over the past ten years while allowing communities of interest the best opportunity to be represented.

Redistricting Facts and Figures

  • By about 15,000 people, Minnesota retained its 8 congressional seats, just beating out North Carolina for the last seat apportioned in Congress
  • U.S. total population is up 9.7%, from 281.4 million to 312.7 million people
  • Minnesota is growing has grown by nearly 385,000 residents, or 7.8%, with a total population at approximately 5.31 million people
  • Minnesota—and the Midwest as a region—is growing at a slower pace compared with the rest of the country
    – 7.8% growth for MN, just under 4% growth for the Midwest region

Below are links to the redistricting proposal details:
Redistricting Information
H.F. No. 1425

Plan Map (click here)

Map-District 8B becomes 28A (click here)

Now that the proposal details have been released, what happens next?  The DFL will surely present a plan of their own.  We will have to negotiate with them and the Governor, if we can’t come to an agreement the final decision will be made by the Mn court system.