Libs Undermining OUR Underaged

Sharing the Daily Malarkey. They are good at speaking out about the absurd! Enjoy!

Libs Undermining OUR Underaged


Libs Undermining OUR Underaged


Meddlesome Malarkey
What is it with libs and their full-court press aimed at spoiling OUR kids’ innocence?

Cereal boxes just got awesomer! Froot Loops now comes with a handy dandy pronoun guide! Kudos, Toucan Sam. They/Them really know how to liven-up the breakfast table!

Not At The Table, Carlos
Got a problem with your 6-year-old being shown masturbation tutorial cartoons in school? Don’t be such a prude.

Intended for Immature Audiences
Come for the Blues Clues Pride Parade, stay for the non-binary beaver … with cosmetic MASTECTOMY SCARS!

We the parents know our kids best and what they can handle when. So when it comes to delicate conversations, we must now make it crystal clear: OUR kids, OUR call.

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