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The Heritage Foundation

National Rifle Association

Minnesota Taxpayers League

Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life

Minnesota Free Market Institute

Minnesota Tea Party

Stop the Pork

East Central Taxpayers

Northern Liberty Alliance (Duluth Tea Party)

The Legislative Evaluation Assembly of Minnesota

US Census Bureau

2008 Minnesota Election Results

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Minnesota House of Representatives

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Grassroots for an Open Minnesota GOP

Republican Liberty Caucus

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Minnesota GOP

8th District Republican Party of Minnesota

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Minnesota Federation of Republican Women

Minnesota Teenage Republicans

Minnesota Young Republicans

National GOP

Republican National Committee

National Republican Senatorial Committee

National Republican Congressional Committee

Legislative Caucuses

House Republican Campaign Committee
161 St. Anthony Ave, Suite 950
St. Paul, Minnesota 55103 (P) 651.225.8586 (F) 651.225.8606

Senate Republican Campaign Committee
1055 N Dale St
St Paul, MN 55117 (P) 651.487.0088

Minnesota Secretary of State

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