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Mills Campaign Update – October 3

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We just got home from an exciting day in the Duluth area where Stewart thanked his army of volunteers, listened to and heard from voters around St. Louis County, and spent time visiting with a handful of reporters from the Duluth News Tribune, WDIO-TV, and KBJR-TV. Stewart started the morning in Duluth by spending time in-studio with Brad Bennett on WDSM-AM 710. If you missed the interview, you can listen here.

Stewart asked me to make sure I shared with you our latest advertisement broadcast on TV throughout the 8th District highlighting Congressman Rick Nolan’s record of saying one thing and doing another. While Congressman Nolan claims he is for veterans, he actually voted in Congress against funding the VA. While 421 representatives – 229 Republicans and 192 Democrats – voted for an overwhelmingly bipartisan bill to fund the VA, Rick Nolan was one of just four who ridiculously refused to support the measure.


Click here to view ad.

“I served in the United States Army for 20 years,” McGregor resident Bret Sample, an Army veteran, says. “When I returned home I expected our government to keep its promise to us, but Rick Nolan was one of only four congressmen to vote against funding the VA, putting our health care at risk. Instead of taking care of veterans, Nolan took care of himself [by] voting to raise his own pay, and to give himself health care for life. Career politicians like Rick Nolan are the problem.”

Pioneer Press: ObamaCare faces an ‘Emergency’ in Minnesota
In case you hadn’t seen, check out the latest in a litany of lies and broken promises from the ObamaCare disaster. You’ll recall two weeks ago in a debate with Stewart, Nolan doubled down on ObamaCare’s skyrocketing premiums by calling for an even bigger government single player plan. This is the Pioneer Press’ verbatim account: Minnesota’s individual insurance market is in danger of collapse, Commerce Commissioner Mike Rothman said Friday as he announced massive premium increases for 2017 plans. Insurance companies on the individual market will increase their premiums between 50 percent and 67 percent, on average — among the largest increases in the nation. Meanwhile provider networks on those plans will shrink, and almost all the plans will put caps on the number of total customers they accept. “These rising insurance rates are unsustainable and unfair,” Rothman said. “This is a real emergency situation.” 

Five weeks until Election Day!
With 35 days until the majority of Minnesotans flood to the polls, Stephen reports another solid week of grassroots ground gaining from the victory offices across the 8th District. On the phones and at the doorsteps, voters around our part of the state are showing a renewed enthusiasm as people are getting excited to fire Congressman Nolan and send Stewart to Congress. If you are interested in helping out, please sign up at or e-mail us at

Rick Nolan Feeling the Bern After He Breaks His Promise to Voters
Finally, in case you hadn’t heard, Bernie Sanders is flying in for a quick campaign rallytomorrow in Duluth in an attempt to jump-start the Hillary Clinton-Rick Nolan campaigns. Remember, Minnesota Democrats overwhelmingly rejected Hillary on Super Tuesday and the enthusiasm for more of the same from the White House is on fumes in northern Minnesota. Whether it’s Hillary’s war on coal or Nolan’s confession he is using Minnesota miners as political pawns – this liberal duo’s policies are bad for folks in northern Minnesota.

After endorsing self-proclaimed socialist Bernie Sanders then declaring he’s “with Hillary” and breaking his promise as a super delegate to support Sanders, Congressman Nolan is proving he would rather run with career Washington elites than fight for folks in our part of the state.

That is why we need to send Stewart to Congress.

I look forward to seeing you on the campaign trail!


John Eloranta
Campaign Manager

PS – as always, if you have any questions about the campaign, need a lawn sign, want bumper stickers, or are enlisting to help out at our victory centers, I’m just a call or e-mail away!


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