Munchausen By Fauci

Munchausen By Fauci

Munchausen By Fauci

Who: Fauci.

What: Doing Faucian things.

On This Week With George Stephanopoulos, Fauci teased a far-off flickering light at the end of this terrible tunnel:

“I hope that next Mother’s Day, we’re going to see a dramatic difference than what we’re seeing right now. I believe that we will be about as close to back to normal as we can. And there’s some conditions to that, George.”

What Gives?
This malarkey prompted Newsmax’s Jessie Jane Duff to tweet:

“Fauci is a fraud. What happened to his statements from last year: 15 days to flatten the curve? Open by Easter? No masks outdoors? Kids need to be back in school? Now he’s talking NEXT Mother’s Day? This guy seems to thrive on the extended fear of the pandemic.”

At best, Fauci has hedged, contradicted, and moved the goalposts. At worst, he digs the power and/or attention.

Numbing Numbers
364 Days to Flatten the Curve Before ‘Birthing People’s Day’ 2022 (the formerly wholesome holiday once known as Mother’s Day)!

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