Core Values

2020 MNGOP State Platform
Statement of Principles

Promote Economic Prosperity
We believe economic prosperity is driven by individuals, not government. We support lowering the tax burden, exercising spending restraint, and creating and maintaining a fair, honest and competitive business environment to promote economic prosperity.

Preserve Civil Rights
We believe we are “endowed by our Creator with certain inalienable rights.” We support defending the right to life, protecting religious and political liberties, and expect that government treats all of its citizens equally under the law. We support respecting personal privacy and property, protecting the right to bear arms, and giving workers the right to decide whether to join a union.

Protect our Health Care
We recognize that the United States has the most advanced health care system in the world, leading in innovation and new technology development. Through genuine market competition and granting people choices, we can make health care more affordable, of higher quality and available to more Americans, while protecting privacy.

Educate our Children
We believe that parents must have choices for their children’s education so that we can better educate, with more effective administration, while emphasizing traditional American values.

Strengthen our Families and Communities
We recognize the blessings that God has bestowed on this great Nation. We also recognize the central role of the traditional family in our society and the necessity of traditional values for strengthening our families and communities.

Strengthen the Rule of Law
We support limiting frivolous lawsuits, preserving judicial elections, holding judges accountable, and respecting the rule of law.

Enjoy and Protect our Natural Resources
We believe that proper stewardship of our natural resources and agricultural lands is best achieved through sound science and adherence to constitutionally guaranteed property rights.

Make Government Smaller and Better
We support keeping government functions in state, local or private hands, electing honest and responsive legislative bodies, advocating for fair election processes, and generally making government smaller and better.

Defend America at Home and Abroad
We believe that we can maintain peace by having a strong national defense, securing our borders and by seeking principled international relationships. We believe that the most fundamental function of government is to keep citizens and our property secure.

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