Press Release from the Kanabec County Republicans

Like all citizens of Minnesota State House District 11B, the members of the Kanabec County Republican Party had high hopes for newly elected State Representative Tim Faust as he began his service as our state representative. Although we supported another, we recognized that Rep. Faust had been elected and we wished him well. We had hoped he would listen carefully to the citizens of his district and not just to the voices of his party and others in St. Paul. We were hopeful he would represent our district voters on issues like the forced unionization of day care owners, gun rights for our lawful citizens and the recognition of traditional marriage between one man and one woman.

A story in last Fridays’ April 19, 2013 edition of the Minneapolis Star Tribune gives us pause for concern. The link to the story is here:

The story relates how Rep. Faust has been one of the most watched members of the House on the marriage issue. He has been an undecided DFLer from an area that voted overwhelmingly for the amendment in November that would have banned same sex marriage in the Constitution. Quoting the story, “On Thursday, Faust said for the first time that he is leaning toward legalizing same sex marriage-even if many of his constituents disagree.” This is an article that all citizens in 11B should read.

As the story reports, the citizens of 11B voted 63% (12,016 voted yes and 6,841 voted no) to put the ban on same sex marriage in our Constitution. The link to the Secretary of State website confirming this is here: AmendmentResultsLegislative/1?questionid=140

“It is important that candidates disclose to voters what they believe about these kinds of issues during a campaign,” said Seth Wellnitz, Vice Chair of the Kanabec County Republicans. “We hope Rep. Faust will consider carefully his vote on this matter and also the personal beliefs of his constituents.”

Kanabec County Republicans

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