Stop the Spending!

You’ve probably already filed your taxes. Whether you file early, or whether you file at the last minute, the date of April 15th is well known to most everyone.

A lesser known date, but one which is just as important is April 13 th . According to the Tax Foundation, this is when Tax Freedom Day arrives in Minnesota. Simply put, this is the day that we stop working to pay our federal, state and local tax bills and start working to pay ourselves. The actual day varies state by state, but residents of only seven other states have to work longer than Minnesotans to pay their tax bills.

If Federal deficit spending were taken into account, we would have to work an additional 38 days to pay for all government spending this year.

Citizens would be well served if more state and federal legislators realized that whenever citizens are taxed more, a little more of their freedom is taken away. Not nearly enough of our representatives understand this concept, but we the people can make changes in the August 10th primary election and the November 2nd general election.

As your State Representative in the Minnesota House, I will fight liberal spending on your behalf and stand strong for less government, spending cuts, lower taxes on business and protecting families pocket books.

Roger Crawford