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Tax Relief and Jobs Creation Act:

A bill designed to reduce taxes and create jobs passed the Minnesota House of Representatives last week. The package of wide-ranging initiatives is called the Tax Relief and Jobs Creation Act (H.F. 2337). The Tax Relief and Job Creation Act will make Minnesota a more economically competitive and attractive place for job creation.

This bill is focused on Minnesota business and employment growth, which will stimulate long-term economic activity. It encourages businesses to stay here, expand here, move their operations here and create more jobs. This act declares to job creators around the country that Minnesota is open for business.

There are several very important measures in the act. They include:

  • A statewide business property-tax reduction to begin a 12-year phase-out process.
  • A $25 million increase in research-and-development credits for Minnesota companies.
  • A permanent $5 million increase in the Angel Investment Tax Credit.
  • Allowing small businesses to take up-front capital equipment exemptions.
  • A tax credit for businesses that hire veterans.

This bill has been sent to the Senate for approval and then will go to the governor for his signature. I urge both bodies to support these measures so we can offer Minnesotans some relief and get people back to work as soon as possible.


A few interesting bits of information on Education-

Just in case you missed it, below is an article I wrote and was published in the Kanabec County Times on March 7, 2012-

Crawford explains teacher seniority bill
“A number of people have asked me a question or two about a recent vote in the Minnesota House of Representatives.

The bill in question would change state law which currently mandates that those teachers who were the last ones hired be the first ones laid off (defined as LIFO) in the unfortunate situation where school districts have to lay off teachers.

HF1870 would allow for other factors, such as teacher performance and teacher effectiveness to be used, in addition to seniority.

Let me explain why I support this measure and what the benefits might be…” Read More >

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