Taxes & Tsarnaevs

Two issues of interest-

That’s quite a list of new Taxes & Fees!

From MN GOP Chair, Keith Downey:

Long-List-of-TaxesOur concerns were, unfortunately but not surprisingly, justified.

At a time when so many Minnesotans are still under water or barely getting their feet back on the ground, the Democrat legislature is poised to pass one of the largest tax increases in Minnesota history.

All to fund a 10-12% increase over the previous state budget, including a big pay raise for themselves!

Beyond their previously advertised tax increases, the breadth of the new taxes found tucked in the Democrat bills is massive.

Beyond raising Minnesota’s top tax rate to among the highest in the nation, Democrats also proposed a number of tax increases that would impact every Minnesotan in the state.

Beyond the upper income tax increase, their tax increases hit all the way down to some with $22,000 in income, and other big ticket items include expanding the sales tax to clothing, raising the gas tax and raising taxes on alcohol and cigarettes.

Beyond the taxes, there’s also a long list of fee increase proposals beginning with a fee increase to use water.  Every family in Minnesota will pay more under the DFL plans – no one is immune.

Beyond the taxes themselves, this will be a step backward for Minnesota’s recovering economy, and will do nothing to create a healthy economy or more jobs.

You don’t realize how far-reaching it all is until you put it down on paper…

Taxes and fees would go up for:

  • Income
  • Clothing
  • Gas
  • Water
  • Potato chips and other snacks
  • Internet purchases
  • Music, video and game downloads
  • Baseball cards and sports memorabilia
  • Cigarettes
  • Beer
  • Alcohol
  • Little cigars
  • Car insurance
  • Fire insurance
  • Hair cuts
  • Manicures
  • Kick boxing and other mixed martial arts
  • Fees for cities that use the state’s accounting system
  • Fees for counties housing sex offenders
  • Recording a mortgage or deed in Hennepin or Ramsey Counties
  • Camping in Rochester
  • Business to business activity
  • Sand mining
  • Taconite, iron, scram or peat business
  • Farming
  • Accountants
  • Interior designers
  • Bullion coin dealers
  • Commercial animal waste technicians
  • Plumbing inspections
  • Elevator inspections
  • Traffic tickets
  • Car rentals
  • Overweight vehicles
  • Title transfers
  • Driver’s license renewals
  • Critical habitat license plates
  • Freight vehicles
  • Boats
  • Off-highway motorcycles and snowmobiles
  • Hospital surcharges
  • Sick tax
  • Newborn screening

And finally, when you die, they are raising the fee for mortuary science.

But there is a bit of good news – one fee is proposed to be eliminated!

The wind turbine inspection fee. If you own a windmill, you will pay less!


Commentary by Mark Steyn

This is a really interesting commentary by Mark Steyn in the Orange County Register
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It’s long, but well worth the read.