THE TOP 5 THINGS you deserve to know about a possible government shutdown:

  1. Only Governor Dayton can prevent a shutdown. He is the only one with the power to call a special session, allowing the Legislature to get back to work. So far, he’s refused.

  3. Governor Dayton claims that his tax increase will only affect the “Top 2%.”
    But in fact, a DEPARTMENT OF REVENUE study shows that his tax increase proposal will impact ALL INCOME EARNERS in the State of Minnesota.

  5. According to the most recent budget poll released on June 20th…
    87% of Minnesotans want state spending to decrease or stay the same.
    While, only 8% support an increase in state spending.

  7. The Legislature completed their work & passed a balanced, responsible budget 6 weeks early… And made it publicly available for the Governor, his administration, DFL legislators.

  9. Republicans have made serious & honest compromises to Governor Dayton on the budget, including:
    1. Offering the Governor 100% of his funding requests for Education.
    2. Giving up $200 million in tax relief originally included in our budget offer.

Honorable Mention:
On the campaign trail, Governor Dayton pledged NOT to shut government down… but on July 1st, he will.

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5 top things you deserve to know

5 top things you deserve to know

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