Watchdog Weekly Email Update, June 4, 2021

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Watchdog Weekly Email Update

June 4th, 2021

Quote of the Week: “Ham Lake Mayor Mike Van Kirk announced on #tcnt this morning they will not be changing the name of the city despite PETA’s requests, but they WILL be hosting a Freedom Festival & Pig Roast on July 3rd.”

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  2. Government Arson;
  3. Wuhan Wackiness;

Let’s hear it for Ham Lake Mayor Mike Van Kirk, a true conservative and man of the people.

As you may have read, the extremist, tin foil hat animal rights group People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) has called for the fair burgh of Ham Lake to change its name to “Yam Lake” for reasons unknowable to any rationale, sane person.

If this was a publicity stunt for the group, it failed miserably and only reaffirmed the group’s reputation as a collection of nut balls in the eyes of the average citizen.

If they were serious (our guess), they are proof positive that a large segment of America has come completely unmoored from the principles that built this country and the ideas that have allowed mankind to evolve from cave-dwelling animals to civilized humans.

It’s indeed to time discuss a formal divorce among Americans.

Back to Ham Lake.

The mild, meek response would have been to simply oppose the suggested name change.

Here, Van Kirk shoved it right back in PETA’s face with a freedom festival and pig roast.

Simply awesome.

Moreover, many readers don’t know that both Mayor Van Kirk and the city council are fighting everyday to keep Ham Lake a city for freedom loving, constitutional government loving people.

For example, last May, the city passed a resolution declaring the city to be a “Constitutional and Business Friendly” community.


For many years, Ham Lake has been a bastion of Watchdogs, going back to the days of opposing the failed Northstar commuter rail white elephant.

We should also give a shout out to the freedom loving city government in Oak Grove, near to Ham Lake.

But this week, the spotlight deserves to be on Mayor Van Kirk and the Ham Lake city council.

If you’re looking for an island of sanity in Minnesota, check out Ham Lake.

As this publication has stated many times, government acts as an arsonist.

Government sets fire to things, calls 911, and then rushes back to the scene, fire hose in hand to douse the flames and act the hero.

This is a regular occurrence, apparently.

The latest episode of firebug government centers on the lack of available labor in the marketplace as the country rapidly recovers from various lockdowns that crippled the economy.

To this day, government is paying people not to work by offering rich unemployment benefits and “stimulus” checks.

Now, government is acknowledging the crisis they created by considering more government spending to encourage people TO work.

Thus, at the very time government is paying people to stay home on the couch, they are considering tax breaks and other incentives to encourage people to leave home and get off the couch.

This according to the Wall Street Journal, which noted government’s “growing concern” that the lack of available labor will stall the economic recovery.

It’s also happening at the same time dotard president Joe Biden is denying that extended unemployment benefits are incentivizing indolence.

Government’s left hand holds matches while the right holds a bucket of water.

You just can’t make it up. You really can’t.

Are you old enough to remember when Donald Trump was labeled as nuts, yet again, because he believed that there was evidence that COVID-19 escaped from a lab in China, and wasn’t a natural virus, as the media and “experts” maintained?

Are you old enough to remember when the “experts” like Tony Fauci claimed there was no credible evidence of a laboratory leak and that such claims were foolish?

This publication recalls, especially now as it’s now acceptable and fashionable to consider this very distinct possibility.

Moreover, it appears that some of these experts were neck-deep in dangerous “gain of function” tests that manipulated corona viruses to make them more contagious and more lethal.

In short, it appears that this vicious pandemic may have been unleashed on the world via human error and then covered up by the media and the very experts who were involved in the experiments.

If you still believe a damn thing the mainstream media tells you, you probably should join PETA or call OJ to help find the real killers.

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