Matt Dean for Governor Annoucement

Dear Friends & Neighbors,
Some exciting news to share. Matt Dean has announced his candidacy for Minnesota Governor. There will likely be several announcements in the coming months. We will keep you informed as they are released.

Matthew T. “Matt” Dean (born April 15, 1966 in Ely, MN), member of the Republican Party of Minnesota elected in 2004 serving in the House of Representatives from 2005 to present. Elected as the Majority Leader 2011 to 2013.  He represents District 38B, which includes all or portions of Ramsey and Washington counties. He is an architect and the owner of Dean Architects in Dellwood.

His announcement follows.

Best regards,
Seth Wellnitz, Chair
Kanabec County Republicans

April 27, 2017

Dear friends,

Today I will formally announce my candidacy for governor of Minnesota.

There is much to do. We will be working hard to bring the absolute best solutions to offer the state. We will be traveling, listening and learning. You will be impressed by the team, and our new approach to building a greater Minnesota. I know you will sense the energy, fun and excitement around our campaign and the hope it offers to our state as we work from border to border. All that will happen in due time.

Right now, I want to share why.

I grew up learning the values that make Minnesota a special place to work and live. The toughness we need to celebrate the winters and survive Super Bowl losses, gives us all something extra. Something special. But it’s more than that. We know the importance of family, the value of self-reliance, hard work and personal responsibility.

I was born on the Iron Range, in Ely. Our young family moved to Rice Street in St. Paul so that my dad could help my grandpa run Dean’s Tavern. I met my wife, Laura, in kindergarten at McCarron’s Lake Elementary School. Little did we know what the future would hold.

Our three kids are now the sixth generation of Deans to call the northeast metro home. We are filled with gratitude for all this state has done for our entire family.

My experience as an architect and business owner taught me how to connect people with competing interests around a common vision to build something on time and on budget. That has come in handy in the legislature. I work to solve real problems for real people. Often that means getting government out of the way.

In 2004, the year in which I was first elected to the legislature, I was the only Republican to defeat a Democrat. Since then, the majority has switched four times.

A constituent named Katie once said “The democrats take the state from the republicans, and then the republicans take it back from the democrats. The politicians keep taking it back from one another, but we never get it.”

I‘m running to change that.

In an era of lawsuits, shutdowns, finger-pointing and never-ending political battles, I’m here to say that the people’s business should be more than the debris left over when the campaign has ended. It’s not enough to be against bad ideas. We have to be for something. However, the middle point between opposing ideas is not compromise, and should neither be celebrated just because neither party likes it. Minnesota is tired of solutions that don’t work and political parties that produce results that are just two broken versions of the same thing.

I’ve always looked for the creative solution. The one that fixes what is broken and builds great new things. Our solutions need to measure success by the freedom and prosperity of citizens, not how many are dependent on a government program.

I’m a proud conservative. Wrestling the state away from the political class and giving it back to the people will require a governor who is willing to lead.

For more than a century, Minnesota’s prosperity derives from harvesting stuff, making stuff and healing people. In the past, we could depend on an education system that honored the industries, heritage and spirit of risk embodied in our pioneer state.

Unfortunately, Minnesota’s job creators have been dogged by an administration who treats our farmers, miners, makers and doctors like wrongdoers and polluters.

As commodity prices plummet, farmers are struggling to make ends meet; yet their property taxes skyrocket and government senselessly picks their pockets with a wrongheaded buffer bill that unfairly takes land out of production.

We’ll fix that.

Twin Metals is a company that offers great opportunity to Minnesota by harvesting minerals; yet this administration has put up roadblock after roadblock because mean-spirited left-wing extremists believe all mining is bad. Our Iron Range helped build our country and win two world wars.

In the first days of my administration, I will end the regulatory blockade that has crippled economic growth in the Iron Range.

The Mayo Clinic, University of Minnesota, Medtronic and other great places in our state set the world standard for excellence in healthcare. How can it be that we are now following Obamacare bureaucrats instead of leading our country and the world in healthcare? As Chair of the Health and Human Services committee, I’ve worked every day to restore William Mayo’s mission to make “the best interest of the patient the only interest of consideration.” Minnesota had the most to lose of any state in the disastrous medical experiment called Obamacare. Governor Dayton made a mistake in making our state the first one in, and I will work to make our state the first of fifty to get out.

The governor cheered when Medtronic announced that it would relocate its world headquarters from Minnesota to Ireland, calling the move a “good thing.” The next governor—me–will cheer only when great companies move back to Minnesota, not when they go. We will strengthen and grow family-supporting jobs by rewarding innovation and work.

Minnesota needs to lead the nation in healthcare. Politicians turned the best healthcare in the world over to a $400 million broken website called MNsure. While other Democrat controlled states like Washington and Hawaii had the good sense to reverse course, Minnesota Democrats doubled down on ObamaCare. Let’s kill and bury MNsure and go back to doing healthcare the Minnesota Way.

Thousands of Minnesotans have contacted me to say “enough!” I’ve traveled the state and met with the people who have seen their premiums and deductibles go through the roof. The doctor they were promised they could keep is out of network. They need to drive by their hospital and several others to find someone who will care for them.

Middle class Minnesotans are caught in this vice, paying more and more, only to get less and less—while others pay less and less to get more and more, or to watch still others game the process and get it for free.

My No. 1 priority will be to reconnect our great healthcare providers with their grateful patients. The Trump administration has offered all 50 states an opportunity to fix healthcare their own way. Minnesota can lead the country again if we have a governor who will do healthcare the Minnesota way again.

Our kids deserve nothing less. We need to restore the optimism and hope that comes with being a Minnesotan. Our schools must not lose sight of the fact that we are a great state because our people are good. Our constitution guides us with the freedoms so many have fought and died for. Ronald Reagan, in his farewell address warned, “If we forget what we did, we won’t know who we are.”

It’s no secret that I’m a tireless campaigner. I’ve always run hard because I represent a part of the state that doesn’t always vote for one party or the other. More than that, I believe the people of this state deserve an honest debate about our future. I’ve enjoyed helping others across the state run in red, blue and purple districts. Make no mistake, I’m running to win in November of 2018.

Thank you for investing in our states future. I look forward to learning from you and making your ideas part of the campaign to make a greater Minnesota.

All the best,