2022 Billboard Campaign

If you were at the Pine County Fair parade you may have seen these signs with our float, a preview of our 2022 billboard campaign.

Thanks to all the wonderful contributions we received we have three billboards running (updated) August 15th – November 8th:
Southbound Hwy 65 north of Mora by the old Novus bldg.
Southbound Hwy 65 south of Mora at Co Rd 11 (Mahogany, short-cut)
Eastbound Hwy 23 just past Mattson Rd.

There are so many ways Minnesota government failed families and businesses these past two years that we felt me must call them out on it. We gave them a resounding “F” on nearly everything, too many to list on a billboard for people to read at 60 miles an hour, so we picked the big ones that effect everybody, right and left.

It has been an uphill battle for us. Republicans in the House and Senate had a nearly impossible chance of getting anything through that was of any common sense or good for rural Minnesota. Anything reflecting good values was rejected. Simple ideals; follow the law, follow the constitution, follow the real science, doctors know best, parents know best, businesses know best, local government knows best, and so on and on, rejected.

The majority of people do not follow law-making like all of us do. That is why we felt the need to just say it straight out to remind people that things have not been working well at all with the Democrats in the House and Executive branch. Thankfully with a Republican majority (only by one!) we were able to block a few things. We need much more done!

Tell your friends and family that things are not going to get better for us less we are successful in changing our elected officials from Democrats to Republicans that will reflect our strong conservative values.

Vote Republican and Save Minnesota.
Vote in the primary August 9th
Vote in the general election on November 8th