And we’re off…

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And We’re Off with a Conservative Congress!
I am pleased to report that we are off and running in a Republican-led Congress! In our first full week of Congress, we passed a bill to abolish Joe Biden’s plan to unleash 87,000 new IRS agents on America’s families and small businesses. Even though the Democrats control the Senate and Biden occupies the White House, I was pleased to help champion legislation that rescinds funding for Biden’s IRS army. The IRS should focus on providing taxpayers with quality customer service, not targeting them with harassing audits.

We also passed important legislation this week:

-Banning strategic petroleum reserve sales to Communist China

-Condemning violence against pro-life centers and churches

Victory! DoD Ends Vaccine Mandate on Our Troops
As a husband whose wife served our country, I was proud to lead the charge against Joe Biden’s tyrannical vaccine mandate on our men and women in uniform. After much encouragement and pressure from Republicans, the Dept. of Defense finally repealed their edict earlier this week. Now, I am joining other conservatives championing legislation that would reinstate more than 8,000 of our men and women in uniform who were discharged for exercising their right to medical freedom.
Proud to Introduce ‘Permitting for Mining Needs Act’
We need to return our great nation to energy dominance. It’s unacceptable that, in northern Minnesota, we are getting pushed for 20 years of permitting when in Canada a mine is permitted within three years – safely and responsibly, creating an economic boom for the communities nearby. We can do better! The very first bill I introduced this Congress is the “Permitting for Mining Needs Act” that increases domestic production of critical minerals necessary for meeting defense, technology, and clean energy needs in our country.
Energized and Invigorated to Fight for Our Way of Life
As we kick off the new Congress, and the end to Democrat single-party control of Washington, I have never been more energized, invigorated, and devoted to fighting for our way of life. In addition to fighting inflation and supporting working Americans, reducing gas prices and restoring energy independence, and putting an end to Biden’s border free society, we will hold the Swamp accountable. From the disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan to the weaponization of the FBI to the origins of Covid, we intend to use the power of the purse and power of subpoena to get to the bottom of all of it.

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Have a great weekend!

Pete Stauber