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District administrations grew 10x more than students and teachers
The number of administrative staff grew 87.6% from 2000-19. But students grew by just 7.6%, and teachers grew by 8.7%. That’s where the money’s going.
Crimes involving firearms – a case for judicial accountability
Minnesota law is clear: if you use a gun in a crime, you spend a minimum of 3 years in prison. Almost half of these offenders didn’t get that.
MN students upset they may have to pay back their college loans after all
“We got our hopes up only for it to get ripped away from us by people who have a backwards way of thinking.”
How much money should public schools spend per student?
Parents say $8,000. Minnesota spends $14,378 and the Mpls/St. Paul districts both spend over $18,000. But they still say we’re not fully funding education?
Minnesota’s abysmal performance on economic freedom should concern us all
We’re one of the least free states economically, clocking in at 39. This shouldn’t be a surprise.
Ridership on suburban bus line still half of pre-pandemic levels
But transit officials wants to keep running it at current levels anyway.
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