Biden’s List of “Accomplishments”

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Our national nightmare is one week old.

And “devout” Joe Biden is celebrating with more child-killing.

The president today is expected to announce his repeal of the Mexico City Policy — an important protection first put in place by President Reagan (and improved by President Trump) that prevents American tax dollars from flowing to international organizations that promote and provide abortions.


You shouldn’t be. Joe Biden is an enemy of life, period. While he once held to some semblance of coherency on the life issue, he has since fully sold his soul to the Democratic Party’s War on the Unborn.

Biden’s shamelessness is not only out of touch with his faith and fellow Catholics, it’s also far outside the mainstream of American public opinion. According to a newly-released Marist Poll, a majority of Republicans (95%), Independents (85%), and even Democrats (55%) are OPPOSED to taxpayer-funded abortion overseas.

But is abortion the only thing that matters?

It certainly matters for Joe Biden and the Left. The Church calls the defense of life “preeminent” for a reason, not least of which because, as Catholic writer Stephen White explains:

“[C]ivic peace and concord are true goods. Which is one reason the industrial scale violence of abortion is so poisonous to our politics. It’s hard to build concord and peace when such a slaughter is ignored, let alone taken to be a foundational good worthy of public support.”

So beyond abortion, let’s review Joe Biden’s now-completed first week in office:

& #8226; A record number of 37 Executive Orders in his first week as president

& #8226; Warlike military occupation of D.C. — while our National Guard troops sleep in garages

& #8226; Eliminated about 11,000 Keystone XL pipeline jobs (A Democrat ending union jobs!)

& #8226; Reversed a campaign promise, halting new energy exploration, risking millions of jobs

& #8226; Declared war on science, allowing men in women’s bathrooms and showers

& #8226; Threatened all womens’ sports by allowing men to participate

& #8226; Suspended deportation of illegal immigrants convicted of crimes (temporarily halted by a judge)

& #8226; Beat the war drums in Iraq again…

& #8226; Reignited nuclear arms threats in the Middle East

& #8226; Created “study group” to scheme Court packing

& #8226; Sided with public school unions to keep schools closed even though the CDC said they are safe

That’s quite a list of “accomplishments.”

Far too many accuse groups like ours of being fixated on “abortion.” We’re happy to be accused of being too concerned for the lives of children. But really our focus as Catholics is on building a culture of life and the common good in all areas. This includes a culture that respects religious liberty, prioritizes families and children, and respects biology, culture, and our American way of life.

This agenda is uniting Americans of all races and backgrounds against the “woke” elite trying to bring about a revolution in America.

The good news? The elite will fail.

Americans are already disgusted. Trump can’t be blamed anymore. The buck stops with Joe Biden.

And the agenda he is pursuing is deeply unpopular — and reckless.


P.S. Thanks to you, we are getting the word out. And Catholics are responding. Just last week alone, we added nearly 10,000 new subscribers to the CatholicVote family! Faithful Americans are watching their country get ripped apart — and they have ZERO trust in the media. If we do our job, every Catholic in America will know the truth.


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