February MNGOP Trainings

Some really great trainings from the MN GOP for those interested in learning.
Hello Republicans,

We’re really excited how many people have attended or viewed our Convention 101 & Convention 201 trainings. If you missed them, look below for the links.

Our next phase of trainings will take place over the coming weeks in February. We encourage attending the live sessions. We do open the floor up for Q&A and discussion, but if you can’t make the sessions will be recorded and provided for On Demand viewing.

So You Wanna Run For BPOU Officer – Duties, Roles, & Misconceptions
This session is aimed for people interested or considering a run for an officer position in a BPOU or CD. We’ll cover basic descriptions, responsibilities, and some major misconceptions that people have for what BPOUs and CDs should be focussed on.

Activism 101 – Audience vs. Army
This training is geared to mobilizing Activists be effective and powerful issue advocates – in particular by holding Democrats accountable.

Local Candidate Recruitment and Support – Building the Bench
We have a number of off year local non-partisan elections and we want to help BPOUs and CDs find and support candidates for these offices.

BPOU Boot Camp – Coming in Late March & April
Starting in late March we will be offering multi-session BPOU Leader trainings. We will offer several trainings with each covering different topic areas. Stay tuned.

Watch Previous Trainings On Demand
You can find the recordings for previous trainings under the Party Resources section of the Party website. Click on the "Training Documents" in the drop down to view all files available. Here are the direct links.

If you have any questions or need assistance, please let our Political Director Andy Aplikowski know. aaa

Thank you,

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