GOP Candidates carried Kanabec County

img_0281It was a great night for our country. Thank you all for the work you did to make it happen. Below you will find a link to the MN Sec of State website so you check the results for yourself. We can be proud that all our candidates from President Elect Trump to State Rep. Jason Rarick all carried Kanabec County.

President Elect Trump won Kanabec 64%-28%.
It appears he has lost MN by about 4,000 votes or 46.4 to 44.96-maybe in four years we can finally win in MN.

Stewart Mills lost his race 50.1 to 49.6 or about 2,000 votes although he carried Kanabec 56.5-43.

Mike Cummins lost in Senate 11 by 54 to 45. Mike won Kanabec 56.5 to 43.

Jason Rarick won big 60-40 and won Kanabec 57-43.

Sondra Erickson won big and in Kanabec won 67-33 as did Senator elect Andrew Matthews.

Thank you again. Here’s the link.

MN Election Results
*Results for state and federal offices are unofficial until the Minnesota State Canvassing Board meets on Tuesday, November 29, 2016 to certify results.