Help to turn our state RED

Dear Friends,

It’s crunch time!

We are less than a week away from the election.

What can you do to help get Ben Wiener, Bill Saumer, Chip Cravaack, Kurt Bills, Mitt Romney & the all the other GOP candidates elected?

  1. GOTV – Get Out The Vote
    One of the best ways to reach voters and help get out the vote is through calling them in person. We’ve set an ambitious goal to contact 4,000 voters in Kanabec & Pine Counties by November 6th!  We have about 20 volunteers, we need 20 to 30 more.  One hour = 50 calls.

    Will you volunteer 1 hour and join us in making some calls?

    You may call from home, or call on Saturday from a local call center (office).
    To make calls, all you need to do is call Judy Soderstrom at 320-679-2187 or 612-554-3886.
  2. Lit Drops
    Distribute literature for all the GOP candidates, judges, Marriage and Voter ID amendments also this Saturday starting at 7am.

    We have THOUSANDS of literature packets that need to be distributed THIS WEEKEND! To give us a hand, call Judy at 320-679-2187 or 612-554-3886

The polls show a close race all across the board and we need your help to turn our state RED.

Join in today and help get out the vote!

Thank you in advance for your help!