Legislative Update

Hello Neighbors,
While the Legislature is in recess this week, I would like to take this time to look back on the accomplishments from the 2012 Legislative session. As you know, our legislative agenda for this session has been reform efforts focused on promoting fiscal responsibility, job growth, quality education and a smarter, quicker and more transparent government. Below is a list detailing the top 10 measures that were passed in the House over the last 12 weeks.


1. Tax Relief
Voted to end the statewide tax on business property, improving our state’s tax climate in an area where Minnesota is especially uncompetitive.

2. Cut the Red Tape
Voted to reduce duplicative government bureaucracy and provide more certainty in the permit process for job creators.

3. K12 Shift
Voted to repay back the additional 10% shift to balance the budget in 2011 and make the first downpayment on the $2 billion debt left behind by the DFL.

Voted to end illogical and outdated Last In, First Out law that puts a poor teacher’s right to a job ahead of a child’s right to a good teacher.

5. Spending Transparency
Voted to require easy-to-understand budget transparency by cities in order to educate and engage taxpayers in local government spending decisions.

6. Voter ID
Voted to support the Voter ID constitutional amendment, which will require voters to show a Photo ID when they vote, preserving and enhancing election integrity.

7. Veterans
Voted to support a permanent tax credit for employers who hire veterans who are disabled, unemployed or receive food stamps; and an expansion of the GI bill.

8. Welfare Reform
Voted to eliminate welfare fraud and ensure the people who need assistance are receiving it and taxpayer dollars for public assistance are being used as intended – for the needy, not the greedy.

9. Permanent Schools Trust Fund
Reforms how the state will manage permanent school trust lands to maximize economic returns for our schools.

10. Defeated Job Killing Tax Increases…Again
Defeated every attempt to raise job-killing tax increases. News of positive economic forecasts resulting in a $1.2 billion surplus didn’t stop Governor Dayton and the DFL from pushing job-killing tax increases to pay for more government spending.

As always, I welcome your calls at 651-296-0518 or your emails @ rep.roger.crawford@house.mn.


Roger Crawford
421 State Office Building
100 Rev Dr Martin Luther King Jr Blvd
St. Paul, MN 55155

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