Minnesota Local Party Unit Packet 7/11 – 7/17

National Talking Points

Messaging: Prices Continue To Rise Under Joe Biden

  • Americans are continuing to face hidden taxes under Joe Biden and Kamala Harris in the form of rising prices on everyday goods.
  • Biden has already dumped $1.9 trillion into the economy and is now pressuring Congress to pass trillions more in spending.
  • New data from the Labor Department shows producer prices have spiked at the highest pace on record. This is the 3rd month in a row producer prices have reached a new record high.
    • April: 6.2% on an annual basis.
    • May: 6.6% on an annual basis.
    • June: 7.3% on an annual basis – the new highest jump ever recorded.
  • In June, consumer prices “zoom[ed] up” at a 5.4% annual rate – the fastest rate in 13 years.
  • Core inflation rose 4.5%, the highest jump since 1991.
  • Because prices are rising at the highest pace in decades, real wages are going down.
    • On an annual basis, real average hourly earnings decreased by 1.7%, and real average weekly earnings fell 1.4%.
  • If nothing changes, economists predict rising prices are “here to stay for years.”
  • 48% of small businesses have raised their prices, the largest percentage in 40 years.
  • On Biden’s watch, the money in your pocket is worth less and less by the day – that’s the Democrats’ hidden tax on all Americans.
  • Under Joe Biden’s presidency, we are paying more for just about everything. And it is only going to get worse.
    • The price of used cars and trucks has increased 45.2% annually. This is the largest change ever reported.
    • Restaurant prices are 4.1% higher than last year.
    • Home prices have increased by about 15%.
    • Gas prices haven’t been this high since 2014.
    • Airfare rates have increased about 10% per week.
  • In Biden’s America workers, families, and businesses are all impacted by rising prices.
  • RNC Research: Biden Inflation Is Here

Messaging: Republicans Support the Cuban People

  • The Republican Party stands in solidarity with the Cuban people, who are risking everything to march for freedom from a communist dictatorship that has oppressed them for more than six decades.
  • Biden’s lack of leadership is a disgrace and undermines the cause of freedom in Cuba and around the world.
  • Biden and his administration must stop perpetuating the lie being told by Cuba’s dictator. These protests are not about the pandemic – they are about freedom from a brutal dictatorship that has had a stranglehold on Cuba for over 60 years.
  • Cuba’s communist dictator is attempting to silence those who have the courage to speak out against its disastrous policies through violence, intimidation, and internet blackouts.
  • Joe Biden and Democrats are weak on Cuba. In fact, members of the Democrat Party have been apologists for Cuba’s communist dictators for decades.
    • In 2016, Obama attended a baseball game with dictator Raul Castro, as his administration took a weak stance against the regime, which only benefited the country’s dictatorship instead of its people.
    • President Barack Obama also praised Cuba’s communist dictators and said that they “should be congratulated” for making “great progress” and “huge improvement” in education and health care.
    • Senator Bernie Sanders praised Fidel Castro for “totally transform[ing] the society” in the 1980s. In 2020, he again praised Castro’s “literacy program.”
    • It took White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki nearly one week to condemn communism.
  • Democrats welcome socialists and socialist policies within their own party.
    • The Democratic Socialists of America declared its solidarity with the "Revolution" – the term used by the communist regime.
    • Democrat Members of Congress Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Rashida Tlaib, Jamaal Bowman, and Cori Bush are all DSA members.
  • The Republican Party will continue to stand with the people of Cuba and all across Latin America who are fighting for freedom and against communism. We cannot allow Cuba’s failed and dangerous policies to be exported here.

Messaging: Texas Democrats Exposed

  • Election integrity is a top priority for the GOP – our very democratic process relies on free, fair, and transparent elections that voters across the political spectrum can trust.
    • The GOP is leading the charge to expand access to voting, while making it more difficult to cheat.
  • Texas Republicans are fighting to promote transparency and access to elections in the Lone Star State through several pieces of election integrity legislation introduced during the Special Session.
    • These bills work to protect election integrity through common-sense reforms — like voter ID requirements and bans on ballot trafficking – that Americans widely support.
  • During the Regular Session, Republicans in Texas amended one bill (S.B. 7) to further expand access to voting, and Democrats walked out of the legislative process.
    • By walking out of a legislative debate over these proposed reforms, Texas Democrats proved what Texans already know: the left has no argument against these common-sense reforms, instead turning to lies and theatrics.
  • Now during the Special Session, Democrats have left the Texas legislature’s again to take private jets to DC, abandoning the election integrity debate and their constituents.
    • Everyday Americans are mandated to wear masks on planes – but not Texas Democrats. Not a single Democrat photographed on the flight is wearing a mask.
    • They also made sure to bring a case of beer along with them – for Texas Democrats, abandoning their taxpayer-funded jobs is cause for celebration.
    • It’s fitting that Texas Democrats fled to DC, since Democrats nationwide are pushing for a federal takeover of elections. If Democrats get their way, liberal bureaucrats in the swamp will dictate election policy for the whole country.
  • These ridiculous theatrics undermine progress on election integrity and reveal Democrats as unserious, attention-seeking, and fundamentally unwilling to engage on this issue.
  • The Democrat stunt is all about a federal power grab of elections.
    • After Democrats failed to pass their federal takeover of elections (H.R.1), Democrats are continuing their dishonest attacks on commonsense election integrity efforts.
  • Democrats have an established pattern of spreading lies and trying to create partisan theatrics to distract from common-sense election integrity measures.
    • When Republicans passed common-sense election integrity laws in Georgia and Arizona earlier this year, Democrats allied themselves with celebrities and woke corporations to create false partisan narratives.
    • After bullying businesses, spreading outright lies, and smearing opponents, Democrats cost Georgia businesses $100 million in tourism revenue.
    • They are running the same playbook in Texas – this is the latest example of their woke-mob, cancel-culture playbook – except now, they’re just walking out of the room when they are exposed.
  • When Democrats are exposed, they abandon the debate and peddle lies to the mainstream media.
  • Texans see through their partisan schemes, and Texas Republicans will continue to fight for election integrity at every stage of the voting process.
Sample LTE: The Democratic Playbook for Federal Takeover of Elections (WC: 155)

As each attempt by Democrats to federalize elections fails, their next power grab becomes more outlandish. Just this week, at least fifty Democratic Texas state lawmakers fled the state to avoid voting on a voting rights bill that would require voters to provide a driver’s license number, or last four digits of their social security number on a vote-by-mail application. The bill, among other things, also makes it a crime to deny access to a poll watcher. Texas Democrats who avoided the vote by fleeing the state via private jet is just the latest example of Democrats using our government for self-serving ideas. Democrats’ “For the People” act was struck down in Congress, yet Democrats across the country continue to try to push their corrupt policies on each state. Republicans will not stand for this, and we must continue to fight for free and fair elections, the very premise our country was founded upon.

MNGOP Talking Points

  • DFL House Rep. John Thompson was involved in four domestic assault cases that were uncovered by FOX 9 this week.
  • Rep. Emmer introduces the Securities Clarity Act to provide clarity for digital currencies.
  • Minnesota Congressional Delegation collectively supports the Hyde Amendment to ensure that tax-payer dollars are not used for abortion.
  • MN DFL Chair Ken Martin in a statement says he is very disappointed in Rep. Thompson’s recent actions.
  • Rep. Pete Stauber reports his campaign raised $450,000 during their second-quarter fundraising report.
  • NRCC Reports $45.4 million in the second quarter of 2021 outraising the DCCC by more than $9 million
  • Rep. Fischbach continues to advocate for the opening of the U.S. – Canada border to bolster the economy in Northern Minnesota
  • Rep. Hagedorn honors Neal Kenneth Todd, a Minnesota sailor who lost his life at Pearl Harbor has finally returned home.

Sample Tweets

"Joe Biden’s hidden tax on Americans keeps rising and setting records. In fact, 48% of small businesses have raised prices, the largest percentage in 40 YEARS."

"Texas Democrats are more interested in some “Miller Time” than in actually doing their jobs. If they have no interest in governing, they shouldn’t be in office. "

"For the third month in a row on Biden’s watch, producer prices spiked at the highest pace on record. Americans should be tired of seeing numbers spike month after month."

"We have heard every excuse in the book from Biden about border numbers surging, yet again we have another month of illegal immigration skyrocketing. #BidenBorderCrisis "

Congressman Jim Hagedorn Discusses use of CRP Land on KEYC
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