MN GOP Action Alert – Give Back the Surplus!

Dear Republicans:

Minnesota is facing a record-breaking budget surplus of more than $17 billion!

This confirms what we’ve already known for a long time: Minnesotans are massively overtaxed!

But the Democrats in St. Paul are still pushing tax hikes on workers and businesses, while trying to waste the surplus on political giveaways and spending sprees. These are the same failed policies that brought us record-high inflation.

Meanwhile, State House and Senate Republicans have rolled out their “Give it Back” plan to return the surplus back to the hard-working taxpayers who earned that money in the first place.

This sensible proposal includes permanent tax relief for Minnesota’s seniors, workers, property owners and parents.

Don’t let the Democrats keep wasting your hard-earned money! Call your state lawmakers and tell them to give the taxpayers their money back! And be sure to thank Republicans for fighting to protect your taxpayer dollars.

Please call or visit your senators and representatives in St. Paul right away.

  • To find out who represents you, click here
  • or call the State Senate at (651) 296-0504
  • or the Minnesota House of Representatives at (651) 296-2146

Thank you,

The MN GOP Team

Republican Party of Minnesota | 7400 METRO BLVD, SUITE 424, Minneapolis, MN 55439