Pete’s Playbook: Summer!!


The Arrival of Summer in Minnesota

Look outside! The grass is green, the trees are full of new leaves, school’s out, summer’s here! Yes, we recognize that summer solstice isn’t until June 21, but by all accounts, it’s summer in Minnesota! As I do each and every summer, I travel around the 8th congressional district and visit with folks in many of the communities that make our part of Minnesota great. Just last night, my campaign team helped Princeton celebrate their annual Rum River Festival.

We’d love for you to join us in a parade!Tomorrow morning, I look forward to helping Hugo celebrate Good Neighbor Days If you are interested in joining us in Hugo, be there at 10:30 tomorrow morning. If you want to join us at any other upcoming parades, please e-mail my campaign at Parades.

Biden Breaks Another Campaign Promise

While it’s disappointing but not surprising, Joe Biden broke yet another campaign promise this week. Remember three years ago when, as a presidential candidate in 2020, Joe proclaimed our Iron Range must be part of the “arsenal of American prosperity.” Ever since he has been blocking and obstructing our Minnesota miners at every turn. Biden’s latest assault on northern Minnesota and our way of life came this week when he and his anti-mining political activists running the administration took further action to kill yet another domestic mining project in our part of the state. Read more here:

  • Daily Caller: Biden Admin blocks mine just a week after NorthMet announces plans to invest millions in local economy
  • Northern News Now: U.S. Army Corps revokes permit for NorthMet Mine
  • Northern News Now: What comes next for Minnesota mining after revoked permit

‘Three Reasons Why This Conservative is Not Leaving Minnesota’

Minnesotans continue to express their outrage and anger about the devastation Gov. Walz and the DFL are imposing on them after a costly and disastrous legislative session in St. Paul. From loosening laws to make our state an abortion destination to unconstitutional gun grabs to blowing our $18 billion surplus and drastically raising your taxes, it would be easy for conservatives to pack up and leave. But one Minnesota conservative wrote an interesting article highlighting three reasons why we should actually stay. It’s good food for thought. Check it out here!

Congratulations on Your Graduation, Isaac!

I want to close this week’s e-newsletter with a point of personal privilege. Last night at Duluth Denfeld High school, my son, Isaac, graduated! Jodi and I couldn’t be prouder of Isaac who continues to bring joy to our family. Congratulations, Isaac!

Have a great weekend!!

Pete Stauber