Primary Victory

Dear Friends-

Crawford Supporters at Pine City Parade

Crawford Supporters at Pine City Parade

Tonight’s victory in the primary election is a testament to the hard work of all of you. Your efforts have paid off and all of you who worked on our Citizens for Crawford Campaign are deserving of the credit.

Our victory is also a clear and strong signal that the citizens in District 8B are serious about changing the direction of the Minnesota State Legislature. The work to change Minnesota begins anew tonight as we point to the November 2 general election. We will bring the issues of economic growth, reductions in regulations and taxes, redesigning our state government and pushing our pro family and pro life agendas to the citizens and families in District 8B. They will understand the great differences between our vision and that of the current incumbent. We will make sure everyone in District 8B will know these differences and will vote for change in November. Then, finally in January, 2011, change will begin in Minnesota.

Thank you for your long hours of work. Thank you for walking in parades, handing out literature, making telephone calls, talking with friends, putting up signs and for all the other things that made this victory possible. Most of all, thanks for your friendship and your prayers for Barb and I. This victory is not a personal one for me, but one that belongs to all of you. We will celebrate and be joyful tonight. Tomorrow we begin the 12 week campaign until November 2.

Thank you and I pray that God will bless you all.

Roger Crawford