Rally on Wednesday May 8, 2024 to Stop Deceptive Abortion Amendment

Pro-Life Friends,

Today the radical—and flagrantly deceptive—proposal to put abortion-up-to-birth in the Minnesota Constitution passed a House committee. The bill, the so-called "Equal Rights Amendment" (SF 37), could come before the full House and Senate in just a matter of days.

During today’s hearing, MCCL called out legislators for the bill’s dishonesty. Here’s what we mean: If the bill passes, voters would be asked on the ballot to protect equal rights based on "pregnancy" (among other things), with no mention of abortion. Voters would never see the language in the bill that basically defines the word "pregnancy" include the right to unlimited abortion!

This is an attempt to dupe Minnesotans into agreeing to abortion-up-to-birth without even knowing it. It’s wrong and undemocratic. And we can’t let pro-abortion lawmakers and advocates get away with it.

Please do two things. First, call and email your senator today. Tell him or her to vote NO on the deceptive Equal Rights Abortion Amendment. Find your senator’s contact information at this link, or call the general Senate number at 651-296-0504.

Even if you have already called and emailed your senator about the ERA, it is very important that you keep doing so—regardless of how you think he or she will vote. The Senate has contacted us about the huge volume of calls they are receiving. Your efforts are making a difference, and now is not the time to quit!

Second, join other pro-lifers for a rally at the state Capitol in St. Paul on Wednesday, May 8. It will take place at 3:00 p.m. in the Capitol rotunda, and MCCL will have signs and T-shirts available for you. We need as many pro-lifers present as possible to show wavering lawmakers that unborn children and their mothers deserve protection, not this extreme and dishonest abortion amendment.

Thank you for all you do at this pivotal time for life in Minnesota. See you at the Capitol on Wednesday!

Cathy Blaeser
Co-Executive Director
Don Parker
Co-Executive Director
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