Please join us this Saturday, Sept. 27

Dear Friends,
First off, I apologize for an email that went out yesterday that was just old news. Basically technology is not my forte.

Rarick-for-houseThe main reason I’m writing you today is to ask for your help. As you know, Jason Rarick is our endorsed candidate trying to unseat Tim Faust. Jason is, I believe, an excellent candidate and, if elected, will represent us very well in St. Paul. He shares our values and has a good idea of what he wants to do when he gets to St. Paul.

However, in order to get to St. Paul, Jason must first win this election. I believe Tim Faust is a flawed candidate who normally would not have much of a chance in this race. His main monetary contributions have come from out of state and I don’t believe he has been representing us the way we want. Because he has thousands of dollars in out of state contributions, Faust has been able to advertise and put his spin on the issues. Because of this, Tim Faust does have a chance to win this election.

In order to help Jason win this race, I believe he needs to do well here in Mora and Kanabec County. I think people are ready to vote for Jason if they know him.

To that end, Jason will be in Mora on Saturday, September 27. He, along with other concerned Republican state representatives from around Minnesota, will be door knocking in Mora, asking for support for Jason.

I’m wondering if you can help in this fight? We plan on meeting at Judy Soderstrom’s house @ 9 a.m. Judy’s address is 514 Forest Ave. E. (at the corner of Hwy 65 & E Hwy 23). We will have a breakfast Judy has prepared and go over plans on where in Mora to door knock. You will be provided literature and helped with any questions you may have. I anticipate this may take 3-4 hours to cover Mora, depending on our numbers.

If you can help out in this effort for Jason, you really are helping yourself and all Minnesotans to have the representation we deserve. Remember some of those votes that Tim Faust took the last session. We deserve better and Jason will do that!

Whatever you can do will help! Just show up at Judy’s and we’ll let you know what you can do. You don’t have to stay the full time, just however much you can do!

Thank you & God Bless!

Roger Crawford