Sharing the Watchdog, November 13, 2020

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Quote of the Week: “Will you pledge not to declare victory until the election is independently certified?” “Yes.”

  • Joe Biden replying to Chris Wallace in the first presidential debate

Quote of the Week: "Resources are hemorrhaging. Our city is bleeding at this moment. I’m trying to do all I can to stop that bleeding."

  • Minneapolis Police Chief Medaria Arradondo

In This Issue:

  1. Bloody Minneapolis;
  2. The Blue Trickle;
  3. No Mandate.

Before we get to election analysis, we need to take a moment to rightly castigate the clowns on the Minneapolis City Council for failing to fulfill the first obligation of government: protection of life and property.

Since May, the city has been nothing short of a war zone, with civil unrest resulting in significant property destruction and assaults on the lives of innocent residents.

The city’s response has been appalling. Instead of timely responding with a level of resources needed to guarantee public safety, city leaders muzzled law enforcement and led a rhetorical assault on them, with calls to defund and abolish the police department.

The logical result of this tragic comedy is a city on the brink. Lawlessness runs rampant, despite the cover-up from a complicit media that is loathe to embarrass progressive stars like Boy Mayor Jacob Frey.

So, what can be done?

Thankfully, Republicans retained control of the state Senate.

This means they have some control over the disposition of state aid that is dispensed to Minneapolis.

This aid, called Local Government Aid (LGA), is roughly $80 million per year to the city.

Republicans should insist that LGA to Minneapolis be used only to support the police department.

For example, about 90% of the department’s budget is for salaries and benefits. LGA could go to that purpose, and perhaps for equipment.

Moreover, maybe that $80 million could first be dedicated to rebuilding the Third Precinct, abandoned to rioters and burned to the ground.

Another possibility is to simply zero out the city’s LGA and let the city council figure it out.

The problem with directed LGA is that this money is fungible. State monies to the police department simply mean the city can spend resources elsewhere, wasted on diversity experts, sustainability coordinators, and climate crisis programs. In other words, we could see the unintended consequence of freeing the city from the financial obligation to fund public safety.

Let Governor Walz and the House DFL fight for the city’s LGA loot. Make them buy it in budget negotiations.

Zeroing out Minneapolis LGA would send a powerful message on behalf of the millions of taxpayers who are disgusted by the city’s actions and attempts to mimic Portland.

Doing otherwise is a classic example of rewarding bad behavior.

Last week, this publication engaged in round one of election analysis.

Today is part II.

The theme is that despite the predictions from “experts,” there was no blue wave this year.

It was more like a blue trickle.

Despite spending hundreds of millions of dollars, democrats and their Leftist allies were rebuffed at nearly every turn, with the presidency being the only notable exception (probably).

It appears quite likely that the U.S. Senate will remain in GOP hands. The current split is 50-48, with two seats, both in Georgia, heading for a January 5th runoff.

If the GOP retains at least one seat, it will be only the third time since 1914 (the first year of direct Senate elections) that the American people elected a president of one party and vested control of the Senate in the other.

In the U.S. House, it appears that Republicans will gain at least 10 seats, giving the Democrats their narrowest majority since World War II.

In fact, it looks likely that every single incumbent House Republican will win.

At the gubernatorial level, Republicans saw a net gain of one, picking up Montana and retaining all other incumbents (UT, ND, MO, IN, WV, NH, VT).

At the state level, things weren’t any better for the Dems.

Despite spending over $500 million, they failed to flip a single house.

In fact, Republicans were successful in not only protecting all incumbent governors and their legislative majorities, but they also flipped the governorship of Montana and both legislative chambers in New Hampshire.

One of the most interesting data points from 2020 exit polling is that a majority (about 52%, depending upon the poll) of Biden voters characterized their choice as “against Trump” and not “for Biden.”

While the outcome remains in some doubt, it appears that Joe Biden will be the next president.

Good luck with that.

Half your supporters didn’t really support you; they just didn’t like your opponent.

71 million Americans voted for your opponent and many of them think fraud influenced the outcome.

It’s likely voters gave a Senate majority to the GOP, putting up a major obstacle to your agenda.

In the House, it appears that Democrats will have their smallest majority since World War II, leaving very little room to pass agenda items, most likely meaning there will have to be Republican buy in.

The Supreme Court is now in conservative hands, eliminating the liberal stratagem of having the judiciary pass in the courts what they couldn’t pass at the ballot box.

Instead of making law, the high court will now get back to the basic job of interpreting the law.

On any given issue, the hard Left will be nipping at Biden’s heels, demanding action on items like the Green New Deal, reparations, court packing, tax increases, wealth redistribution, and statehood for federal properties like DC and Puerto Rico.

Good luck, Joe. You dog faced pony soldier.

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