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November 20th, 2020

Quote of the Week: "David and I have always voted our districts. We have always represented our districts as bipartisan and moderate members of the legislature. Forming this new caucus is just a natural progression of aligning more with moderate than the far right or left. Additionally, we will not stray from the values of Northern Minnesota and what our people are most passionate about — our economy and jobs that support our families and our economic lifeline of mining and wood products. Our natural resource-based economy is critical to our region of the state."
State Senator Tom Bakk (DFL – Cook)

Quote of the Week: “Republican dominance in supposedly 50-50 districts is yet another reminder of just how wrong polls were in 2020, and how wrong they have been for some time. What should embarrass pollsters most, though, is not the fact that they were wrong, but how one-sided they were in the process.”
Cabot Phillips

In This Issue:

  1. Bias;
  2. Rocks and Cows;
  3. Lockdown Lunacy.

Now is the time in the election cycle where the Political-Industrial complex makes excuses as to why they were so wrong – and so biased – in favor of their predictions and prognostications in favor of Democrats throughout the election cycle.

For months and months, you heard about a “blue wave” and other predictions about how Donald Trump and Republicans were headed for disaster at the polls, thanks to an agenda focused on tax cuts, job growth, pro-family initiatives, and a true “America first” world view.

And just like in 2016, it didn’t happen.

Don’t allow these agents of the Left to fool you. Their incorrect data and predictions were intentional, designed to suppress the Republican vote and assist the Democrats in winning races.

The Mainstream Media has dropped all pretense of objectivity and has openly shown their bias.

The polling industry has yet to drop the pretense, but the evidence is undeniable.

Check these “coincidences” and think about it:

Of 27 U.S. House races labeled a “toss up” by “expert” Charlie Cook, Republicans won all 27. ALL 27.

Of 26 House races deemed “lean GOP” or “likely GOP”, the GOP won all 26.

The GOP even won 7 of 36 House races labeled “leans or likely Democrat.”

We could also list a litany of biased polling data from House races, such as the poll from Utah-4 that showed Republican Burgess Owens down 11 points. He won.

Rest assured, this whole crew will be back in 2022, spinning a narrative that the GOP is not only poised to lose, but on the brink of political extinction.

Don’t buy it. These guys are dead and can only be revived if you buy into their bulls**t.

Governor for Life Tim Jong Walz once declared that rural Minnesota was “mostly rocks and cows.”

That insult was just one of many that has been hurled at those who live more than 20 miles from the skyscrapers of burned-out Minneapolis. Recall Barack Obama accusing those same Americans of “bitterly clinging to the guns and religion.”

There was once an ad campaign regarding dental health that warned, “Ignore your teeth and they will go away.”

In 2020, we see that if Democrats ignore rural legislators and voters, they will go away.

This week, a bombshell was dropped when two veteran DFL state Senators announced that they have left the DFL and will serve in Saint Paul as independent legislators, representing no party.

Tom Bakk represents northern Minnesota in the legislature for the past 26 years. He has been the Senate Majority Leader, the Senate Minority Leader, and a DFL candidate for governor.

David Tomassoni represents a neighboring district on the Iron Range and has been in the legislature for 28 years as a DFL member. He serves as the President of the Senate.

This turn of events is a stunning rebuke for the DFL. These men have a combined 54 years of legislative service and have held prominent positions within the DFL caucus.

Any reasonable review of their voting records shows that both haven’t changed their views over the years. Instead, their departure can be seen only as an indictment of a DFL that has become dominated by a coalition of wealthy white urban elites, effete suburbanites wracked with guilt, and radicals who hate America, capitalism, and the rule of law.

Moreover, the move places control of the state Senate firmly in GOP hands. Under the new alignment, the body is now 34 GOP, 31 DFL, and two independents who will likely caucus with the GOP. Majority Leader Paul Gazelka has already announced that both men will be named committee chairmen.

Today, there is really only one DFL senator who can be said to represent rural Minnesota, Sen. Kent Eken of Twin Valley. There are three more DFL senators who don’t represent the Metro, but their district are primarily regional centers in Mankato, Duluth, and Saint Cloud.

It’s amazing to consider the rural areas of the state that just a short number of years ago were solidly DFL but are no longer. Cities like Austin, Albert Lea, Willmar, Hibbing, and Pine City are now in GOP hands.

So here we are again, locked down under the executive fiat of King Tim Jong Walz, Supreme Leader and Sun King of Minnesota.

These lockdowns, already of dubious efficacy, weren’t supposed to happen anymore.

Remember back in March when Walz first seized power in the name of “flattening the curve” and ensuring that health care resources would be preserved?

What happened?

Eight months later, we apparently are still unprepared for the spike in cases we all knew was coming.

In fact, during that time, we have seen two hospitals close, including one that was specifically designated as a COVID care site.

We have seen mask mandates. Wasn’t that supposed to cure everything?

What about the $7 million morgue that remains, thankfully, without a single body?

So, we’re taking away sports from young kids but keeping the status quo in nursing homes, the scene of about 75% of COVID deaths.

The governor’s unilateral, authoritarian, go-it-alone strategy has been an abject failure.

And legislative DFLers who have supported his actions are his unindicted co-conspirators.

What’s even more disturbing, Walz has begun to act like totalitarian leader, becoming increasingly belligerent as citizens begin to question what’s happening.

Many of you don’t know that the Department of Health has been excluding certain members of the media from briefings, presumably for political reasons.

We have seen governor Walz attack those who disagree with him, such as his infamous quote recently that “Republicans are wrong every damn time.”

How has that morgue worked out, Mr. Perfect?

Eight months after seizing unilateral powers, Walz continues to act by fiat, excluding the legislature from the law-making process that has been central to our system of self-governance since the start and featured in Western governance since Montesquieu.

He owns this debacle.

One would think that the judicial branch would step in at some point.

It’s too bad voters didn’t do just a titch more on election day. A few hundred more votes in districts like 38B and 39B, and there would be a GOP majority to extinguish the madness.

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