Stunning! Car Producers 1950 – 2019

Top Ten Car Producers In The World: 1950 – 2019 MUST watch! 

If you’ve not seen this previously, it is quite stunning, and not just the changes in world car manufacturing leadership (which are plenty sobering) but also the always-moving digital graphic technique. (You can’t take your eyes off it!)

Note particularly what has happened to the UK, Russia, and other European countries, and also especially note what has happened to China. It was not even on the Top 10 list for the first 50-60 years of this chart, but watch what happens, and how FAST it happens, once China decides to get into the automobile business!  (A famous and obviously prescient economist once said, “If the Chinese government, or its Communist Party, or the People’s Red Army (and remember, they are all basically the same thing) ever decides to get into YOUR business, you best beware because they ONLY play to WIN, and they almost NEVER lose.”) 
It really is quite an amazing video. 

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