Support Stauber – Aurora & Gilbert July 3rd and 4th Parade Info

A Message from Team Stauber!

July 3rd
We are doing 2 early evening parades. Pete will be in these parades. We would love for you to join us! The float will be available to ride. Aurora line up starts at 4:30 pm across from Phlagmans Floral and Dollar Store on the Highway, west end of Aurora. Then, off to the Gilbert parade as soon as possible for 7:30 pm start on the south end of Broadway on the Main Street. I will have my phone on for calls 218-721-7441. I will have signs, if you have a Stauber shirt please wear it.

July 4th
Team Stauber will be in Ironton and Crosby and then Walker. Please contact Isaac Schultz for details I will be in Ely on the 4th. Please contact Marilyn for Ely.

Team Stauber
For Victory