Thank a Cop This Week

Dear Friends,

This week is National Police Week, a time when we pause to respect, honor, and remember the millions of heroic men and women who every day patrol our streets and keep our communities safe. As a 23-year police officer, it is deeply concerning to see how extreme, radical anti-police demands by liberal leaders is affecting recruitment across the country. We must stand by and support our law enforcement and ensure they have what they need to keep our communities safe! Next time you see a police officer, please stop and thank them for all they do!

Taxing the "rich?" Congratulations! You’re Rich

Whether it’s unilateral executive actions that kill jobs, trillions of dollars of partisan reckless spending, trying to ram through a mislabeled “infrastructure” bill that devotes less than 7 percent of its funding to roads and bridges, Joe Biden is taking our nation backward. Biden’s latest tax proposal would be devastating. Higher taxes on American businesses means fewer jobs and lower wages for our workers. And while leading Democrats cling to a dog whistle of “tax the rich,” let’s be clear: the middle class – working families across the 8th district – always pay when taxes are raised. A Biden tax hike is the last thing our families and small businesses need at a time when our economy needs to recover from a year of mandatory lockdowns. We should be encouraging job growth, not discouraging it!

Election Integrity is Not a Partisan Issue

Expecting our elections to be safe, secure, and transparent isn’t a partisan issue. In fact, the majority of Americans – Republicans AND Democrats – are calling for election integrity. Earlier this year, I strongly opposed H.R. 1, a Nancy Pelosi bill that would federalize our elections, funnel taxpayer money to campaigns, and destroy the First Amendment. While Washington is trying to threaten our confidence in elections, I was pleased to see the Minnesota Senate pass commonsense legislation that would require a voter ID to vote in Minnesota. Making it easier to vote and harder to cheat is something we need in order to have faith in our elections.

Biden Creates a Border Security Crisis

As the Biden border crisis rages, the Administration continues to be detached from reality. In the month of March, we saw a 71 percent increase in attempted border crossings, yet no additional funding to address the growing crisis is being considered. In fact, Joe Biden is repealing many of the safety and security measures put in place by the Trump administration. This isn’t just a humanitarian and public health crisis. It’s a serious national security concern. Let’s return to commonsense border security policies that were working.

Fishing Opener This Weekend!

This weekend is the annual walleye fishing opener in Minnesota. If you are one of the hundreds of thousands of anglers who will be wetting a line this weekend, good luck! Check out my Facebook page later this week for my latest podcast that will be timely for the opener. Good luck, anglers!!


Pete Stauber

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