The integrity of Minnesota elections

Help Protect the Integrity of Elections in Minnesota!

An important message from Committeewoman Janet Beihoffer

To All,

As you are probably aware, we have a crew of people who are very concerned about the integrity of Minnesota’s election system. For the record, we saw a HUGE jump in early voting between 2014 (+/- 200,000) to 2016 and 2018 (over 600,000 early votes). Many of you have observed or analyzed other questionable results, behavior, etc.

We also know that we will not get the statutes changed until we elect a Republican governor, hold the MN Senate and flip the MN House.

How can you help? We really need more of you, your friends, others from your church groups, clubs, etc. that include conservative members to register as an election judge (you are not a court judge but you are a key paid precinct worker), a poll challenger or an election day attorney.

The Republican Party of Minnesota now provides an online signup page where you can volunteer for these positions.

Why? Minnesota election officials will hire and pay more than 40,000 election judges for the 2020 election. We need at least 15,000 across the state– more than we have had in recent years. That is a big number, but WE can do it.

PLEASE go to the website, sign up and spread the word to all your conservative friends, etc.

Questions? Send them to the state Republican Party.

2020 is Minnesota’s year to make an impact. We need our people on board to protect votes.

Thank you in advance for your participation.

Janet Beihoffer

Republican National Committeewoman, MN

Former Director of Ballot Protection Operations