We’re Suffering from Sticker Shock!

  • The grocery store is more expensive.
  • The thermostat is more expensive.
  • Clothing is more expensive.
  • A burger and fries is more expensive.
  • Bacon is more expensive.
  • The gas station is more expensive.
  • Energy Costs +12.8%
  • Fruits & Vegetables +14%
  • Butter +19.6%
  • Coffee & Tea +8.2%
  • Ground Beef +9.8%
  • Pork +9.9%
  • Eggs +4.5%
  • Potatoes +5.9%
  • Governor Dayton’s proposed budget +23%

Amazingly, Governor Dayton still thinks now is the time to raise billions of dollars in taxes to fund billions of dollars in more government spending.

Minnesota House Republicans proposed balancing the state’s budget with NO tax increases.

Our budget provides tax relief, reduces government spending and reforms how government does business. It is the right thing to do for Minnesota’s economy, taxpayers and our children’s future.

Our cuts include $3.6 billion in projected spending. It provides $300 million in tax relief, including income tax relief for all Minnesotans and business tax relief that will help improve Minnesota’s business climate. It protects nursing homes, the disabled and classroom funding, and increases funding for veterans and military affairs.

We are also proposing sweeping reforms in the areas of education, government and health care.

A teacher evaluation system replaces the seniority-based retention process and an A-F school grading system that will make is easier for parents to evaluate and compare schools. It provides opportunity scholarships to help low-income students in chronically low-performing schools get the education they choose and early graduation incentives to help successful students pay for their higher education. These new standards provide for accountability to improve, measure and evaluate student achievement.

Some of the long overdue reform measures we proposed will consolidate some state services, enhance revenue collections, review and retire unnecessary, outdated or duplicative government operations, and reduce the state workforce by 15 percent by 2015 through retirement, attrition and other means.

We need to make government more responsive, cost-effective and sustainable to the citizens it serves and to the taxpayers who pay for it.

Health Care
Minnesota has the best health care system in the nation. To ensure the state retains flexibility in responding to Minnesota’s current and future health care needs, House Republicans repeal the early Medical Assistance (MA) enrollment and seek a federal Medicaid global waiver and block grant for cost effective, coordinated care. A similar program implemented in Rhode Island resulted in a $2.7 billion reduction in MA spending.

Other health care initiatives include welfare reform that includes work requirement for general assistance and limits on EBT card usage, numerous program spending freezes, and increased local control.

Majority Leader, Kurt Zellers stated “Governor Dayton wants a $2.4 billion job-killing tax increase to fuel a massive percent growth in government spending. He is only one of nine governors to propose spending at levels that exceed pre-recession state spending. Our budget doesn’t burden taxpayers. It is fiscally responsible, does not raise taxes and focuses government on responsive performance, not good intentions.”


*Rising prices-sources: Post Media News; US Labor Department; Gas Stations; MinnesotaHouseGOP.com

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