Why we pause today

Today we remember that freedom isn’t free. Thank you to all who paid the ultimate sacrifice.eo?_t=89631ebba43641f1b0eb6ff5b025455a&_m=cfc640331d2449e493ea3f31e363c44d&_e=VN6QlAhc-oYUKNQoIJsfbg3j0XizFa7qogNxLmvL3aZp9WMMyZIbhl10HhsEXozydsboEOtxTY6r5gDD9H1IwvqVaPdafm46M3e_aggf8iCgk2u3sWe8wSFDIAnhu2kdSnE8Yqs6nzzhyoQLd3hwhXMsuZGmVBBvh7u6nTjwYG8%3D

Friends, today we pause to remember those who have laid down their lives to defend the freedoms that we continue to enjoy today in America.

Memorial Day
Every time our nation has sounded the call, Minnesotans have faithfully been there to answer the call of duty.

Minnesotans paid the ultimate price at Pearl Harbor, on the beaches on D-Day, and a Minnesotan was even there to raise the flag following the victory at Iwo Jima.

Memorial Day exists for one reason – to remind us in the midst of our busy lives that our freedoms aren’t free, and we can’t afford to forget those who gave everything they had to defend this great country.

On behalf of all of us at the Minnesota Republican Party, we hope that you enjoy this day of remembrance with your loved ones!


-Jennifer Carnahan

Chairwoman, Minnesota Republican Party