60 Mins & the Woke Joke Broke Media

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60 Mins & the Woke Joke Broke Media

Who: 60 Minutes.

What: Botched, biased drive-by attempt on Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis.

Cleanup: Aisle 4

60 Minutes accused DeSantis of operating a pay-to-play scheme, with the largest grocery chain in Florida, to distribute the COVID vaccine. Publix donated money to DeSantis’ campaign, so they got the contract. Never mind their unparalleled footprint. In order to push their weak sauce, 60 Minutes deliberately left-out all contrary information.

Old Timey Bipartisanship

Palm Beach Mayor Kerner, who’s a DEMOCRAT, asserted that 60 Minutes was "intentionally false" and defended Gov. DeSantis’ vaccination strategy. According to this tweet, “Mayor Kerner says that he offered to talk to 60 Minutes but CBS declined. He says Palm Beach County asked for the Publix partnership, and that CBS knew that but ‘left it out because it kneecaps their narrative.’" And he says that the media is “hellbent on dividing us.” Charles Barkley made a similar point this weekend on the media’s use of race to divide.

Real Talk

Republicans are used to CBS swooping-in, claiming to want to do a thoughtful profile of a prominent figure, only to ambush and selectively-edit a drive-by hit job. If you’re a Democrat like Andrew Cuomo, however, you can always count on CBS for a painless, partisan puff piece.


It used to be that journalists followed the story wherever it went, regardless of their own personal politics. Then bias crept in. Then the industry became subscription- and clickbait-driven, so they sensationalized on top of of their already-slanted worldview.

Now, as admitted by NBC News anchor Lester Holt, the media has proudly dropped any pretense of fairness or objectivity. The result is a media industry openly carrying the water for the Left and smearing dissenters.

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