Democrats Choose Partisanship over Safety


I hope you got my email on Monday about Rep. Maxine Waters’ trip to Brooklyn Center over the weekend. Instead of using it as an opportunity to call for peace and calm for Minnesota’s communities, her rhetoric was dangerous and inflammatory. Even more disappointing was Nancy Pelosi’s defense of Maxine Waters’ comments. Pelosi even encouraged her not to apologize.

Earlier this week, I sent a letter to Speaker Pelosi calling for Representative Waters to be censured and investigated for her actions in Minnesota, and I worked with House GOP Leadership, including Rep. Kevin McCarthy, to introduce our own resolution to censure Maxine Waters since Pelosi failed to hold her accountable. This resolution had the support of the Republican members of Minnesota’s delegation and broad Republican support in the House.

However, because the Democrats have a five-seat majority in the House, they voted the resolution down yesterday on purely partisan lines. In an instance where they would have had every motivation to join with Republicans and call for an end to violence in a bipartisan manner, they chose to play politics at the expense of Minnesotans’ lives and property. This is exactly why we are working so hard at the NRCC to take back the majority in 2022.

As we stated in the resolution, the only thing that elected officials should be calling for in the days and weeks ahead is calm, peace, and safety. Minnesotans deserve nothing less.

For our country,

P.S. If you’d like to join our efforts at the NRCC to help take back the five seats we need to control the House, you can chip in here. Resolutions like this one are unfortunate examples of what happens when radical Democrats like Nancy Pelosi hold the Speaker’s gavel and lead the majority.
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