Gazelka Calls for GOP Unity

I’m concerned with the constant rhetoric against the state party, the many GOP seasoned volunteers and delegates, and Republican legislators concerning their efforts to stand up for Republican values.

We had a recent difficult major transition at the state party. As Senate GOP leader, I did my best to see past and present state GOP leaders be successful. When they are successful, we all win.

I don’t know any leader, especially a new leader, that is going to get everything right. When they make mistakes, or their team does, we all need to help them get better. That is the case with the timely recording of delegates. It was a mess. But they will get better. It wasn’t fraudulent; it was glaring mistakes from a brand new team.

GOP caucus volunteers have also been maligned and smeared without just cause. These are the dedicated volunteers that tirelessly work for conservative values across the state. It is a thankless job but very important for our future success. We all need to thank the many BPOU chairs and leaders for their selfless work.

Finally, the narrative that virtually every Republican legislator is part of the swamp is disgusting to me. These are the men and women that answered the call to save our state. They are the ones that are on the front lines battling for all of the things that conservatives hold dear. I’m proud to serve alongside the Republican Senate and House members. They are not RINOs, they are Republican champions. Without these dedicated legislators, Minnesota would look a lot more like New York or California.

When the state leans left, it is very difficult to hold the line, and yet republican legislators did just that. So when bloggers and new, inexperienced candidates speak ill will of all of these people that have been engaged in this fight for a while, we all need to speak up and say it’s time for that rhetoric to stop.

I don’t mind when we draw distinctions between the candidates, truthful comparisons, not outright lies. That is appropriate and necessary.

But those that call the state party, volunteers, and virtually every GOP legislator the swamp, it’s time to band together and say enough!

We can win this fall if we come together. We won’t come together if there is constant undermining of the people that have made the difference in protecting our state.

Jesus said, “a House divided against itself cannot stand.” It was true then, it’s true now.

Together, let’s take our state back. The opportunity has never been better.

I’m particularly angered that one of the campaigns would constantly declare that the volunteers were doing something wrong when it appears that their campaign is the one that was writing in names down to be delegates, without permission, who were not at the caucuses. I’m standing up for Mandy Heffron, a long-time Republican volunteer and a Gazelka for Governor team member, a young Christian woman who is always trying to do the right thing. I am offended that the Shah campaign would go after volunteers like her.

You can spew lies about me, but when you mess with volunteers it is very, very inappropriate.

Senator Paul Gazelka

Candidate for Governor

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