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What: It’s like Public Access TV — just less amusing and less audience.

Defund Deplorable Industries
Tom Elliott: “MSNBC’s @TiffanyDCross: Trucking ‘is an industry populated by a lot of white men over the age of 55. This group of people overwhelmingly voted for Trump. Some people have talked about, you know, aggressive truck drivers cutting them off or not being helpful.'”

Joy Of Ranting
Miranda Devine: “Joy Reid is a racist sociopath. How else to explain her reaction to Kyle Rittenhouse breaking down in the witness box during his murder trial last week?

“‘White crocodile tears,’ said the hate-mongering MSNBC prime-time anchor.

“This is a woman on a seven-figure salary who went to Harvard and has more elite privilege in her little finger than the 17-year-old son of a single mother who was in Kenosha working as a lifeguard when all hell broke loose in the form of BLM-Antifa riots in August 2020.

“Yet Reid continually plays the victim and makes her living punching down at white people less fortunate than she is.”

“But for Reid, he is guilty of murder because he was born white. Every night she spews hatred against white people.

“Who knows what pathology drives her, but it’s not healthy, for her or any of her dwindling audience. Shame on MSNBC for elevating such a hate-filled racist to prime time.”

“You would think the daughter of immigrants would be more grateful to the country that gave her everything, but no. Any chance she gets, she attacks America as irredeemably racist.

“Joy Reid is the embodiment of the ‘wealthy black elitists’ whom Rep. Burgess Owens describes as having done the most damage to the black community — by joining forces with white leftists to divide Americans.”

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