National Talking Points

Joe Biden’s massive $2 TRILLION infrastructure plan is a trojan horse for left-wing policies.

H.R. 1

  • All Americans should be concerned about H.R. 1 which would make our elections less secure.
    • Democrats are even talking about ending the filibuster and trying to ram H.R. 1 through the Senate with just 50 votes.
  • This legislation is far outside the mainstream and Senate Democrats including Senators Warnock, Kelly, Cortez Masto, and Hassan should swiftly reject this power grab.
  • H.R. 1 would federalize elections and weaponize the Federal Election Commission.
  • Democrats’ bill would implement unconstitutional federal standards mandating “national rules” they have long desired.
    • H.R. 1 would force states to allow ballot harvesting.
    • Illegal immigrants could be counted as residents, skewing Congressional Districts towards Democrats.
    • Felons would be granted the right to vote the moment they leave prison.
    • H.R. 1 would eviscerate commonsense state voter ID laws.
    • 37 states would be forced to adopt automatic voter registration.
    • 29 states would be forced to adopt same day voter registration.
    • H.R. 1 would transform the Federal Election Commission (FEC) into a partisan 5-member organization under the control of the White House.
    • The bill promises to expand flawed vote by mail systems Democrats pushed during the 2020 Presidential election.

Biden’s Crisis at the Border

  • The Biden administration is still refusing to recognize the border crisis.
    • Not only is Biden refusing to answer questions about the border, he is preventing the media from covering the true scope of the crisis.
  • Biden should visit the border to understand the full scope of the crisis which includes:
  • A historic surge in illegal crossings.
  • More than 100,000 migrants were apprehended by U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) at the southwest border in February, a 173% increase over February 2020.
  • A record number of migrant children and teens in CBP facilities.
  • The current surge is leading to overcrowded conditions, with some stations at over 360% capacity.
  • Instead of working with Republicans and Democrats in Congress, Biden has proposed a radical immigration agenda that will only move us closer to open borders.
    • Includes amnesty for 11 million migrants living in the United States
    • Eliminates restrictions on chain migration
    • Imports more foreign workers
  • Biden has reversed many of the Trump Administration’s border security policies that kept our country safe, including construction of the border wall.
  • Migrants are directly citing Biden’s policies for why they are crossing the border.
  • The Biden Administration should give this crisis the attention it deserves.

Source: MN GOP Messaging