We Need YOU for Free & Fair Elections!

Free & Fair Elections! We need YOU!

To Sign Up contact your township or city clerk.

In Kanabec County: Contact your city or township clerk to let them know you want to be an Election Judge. You may also specify that you are willing to serve in other townships, cities, counties where judges are needed. (If you live in another county, check your county website for your county, city, or township officials in charge of elections.)

Ann Lake Deb Johnson Clerk (320) 364-0117  
Arthur Teri Bentler Clerk (320) 679-1347  arthurtownhall@gmail.com
Brunswick Gladys Nelson Clerk (320) 396-3490  brunswick@genesiswireless.us
Comfort Patty Kruse Clerk (320) 237-3919 comfortclerk@genesiswireless.us 
Ford Mistea Roeschlein Clerk (320) 279-2665  clerk.fordtownship@gmail.com
Grass Lake Natasha Swanson Clerk (612) 366-3230 grasslaketownship@gmail.com 
Haybrook Chris Eggert Clerk (320) 364-0517  beekers@frontiernet.net
Hillman Karen Felger Clerk (320) 583-8691 kfelger@moraschools.org
Kanabec Cindy Kapinos Clerk (320) 272-0146 ckapinos69@gmail.com  
Knife Lake Kim Christenson Clerk (612) 390-6234 knifelaketwp@gmail.com  
Kroschel Laura McCaughan Clerk (218) 766-6529 psalm1949@gmail.com
Mora City Hall     (320) 679-1511  
Ogilvie Heather Heins Clerk (320) 272-4822  cityclerk@ogilviecity.com
Peace Betty Caza Clerk (320) 679-4644  
Pomroy Renee Peterson Clerk (218) 391-8325 pomroytownclerk@gmail.com 
Quamba Roger Helmbrecht Clerk (320) 496-5453 quambacityclerk@gmail.com
Southfork Jen Teigen Clerk (320) 515-1938  southforktownship130@gmail.com
Whited Deanna Johnson Clerk (612) 390-9805 tripledfarms@q.com 


Not sure if being an Election Judge is right for you? Here are some other ways to help from the Minnesota GOP 

Click here to sign up to be a volunteer in any of the following roles:

Poll Challenger:

Poll challengers serve as appointees of the Republican Party of Minnesota and have the ability to make a challenge of voters when they have personal knowledge that someone is ineligible to vote.   

Observing Election Machine Testing:

Minnesota law allows the public to observe the testing of election equipment and software to ensure its accuracy. The timing of these tests is published in official newspapers for the voting jurisdiction and posted at local elections offices. We need volunteers to attend their local Public Accuracy Tests to ensure the equipment works as it is intended.

Driving Voters to the Polls:

Many of us have had a car break down or someone that was going to give us a ride fall through, and to some people that happens on Election Day. Every election there are Republican voters who are unable to vote because they don’t have a way to get to their polling place. We need volunteers throughout the state so we can make sure that we get every vote possible for our candidates.

Helping Voters Find Out Where to Vote:

With new election districts this year many polling places might be changing. We need people who would be willing to answer our MNGOP Election Hotline to help voters find where they are supposed to vote.

Meet With Your Local Elections Officials:

Elections in Minnesota are conducted by city and township employees as well as county auditors and elections departments. These are public employees who will often be happy to meet with you and talk to you about how elections are conducted in your area. We are happy to help you find out who your local elections officials are so you can set up a time to visit them.

Observe Election Counting:

The Chair of major political parties may appoint an individual to observe the processing of ballots at central counting locations after the polls have closed. This may be a good job for those that are not able to commit the whole day to be an election judge.

Serve on a Ballot Board:

Ballot boards are established to accept or reject absentee ballots. Republican election judges are needed for each one to ensure that ballots are accepted or rejected correctly according to state law.

Click here to sign up to be a volunteer in any of these roles. We will have a member of our team reach out to you to discuss how you can help.

Examination of Voting Software Source Code:

Minnesota law (Chapter 206, Section 206.57 Subdivision 6) allows a major political party to request an examination of the source code of voting software. The law requires the Party to pay for that cost. The cost is estimated to be over $2,000,000. If you would like to the Republican Party of Minnesota to request that evaluation, we need your help to raise the funds necessary to pay for it.

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