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This Is Fine?
NY Post: “How looting turned the most upscale part of San Francisco into a ghost town”

FOX: “San Francisco restaurant defends denying service to armed police officers: ‘We were uncomfortable’”

SF Chronicle headline: “She set out to save her daughter from fentanyl. She had no idea what she would face on the streets of San Francisco.”

The Root Of The Loot Is Moot
Townhall: “DOOCY: ‘What is President Biden going to do about all this lawlessness?'”

“PSAKI: ‘I think a root cause in a lot of communities is the pandemic.'”

Katie Pavlich: “Psaki Blames Rampant Smash-and-Grab Crime on…the Pandemic”

Where ALL Roads Lead 
Tony Anderson: “And, the pandemic is caused by ‘global warming’. And, Global warming is caused by…wait for it…RACISM! 😂”

Must-Read Thread
Fed-up lib Michelle Tandler highlights: “I’m starting to think that organized looting may represent a deeper ambition to make a political statement against capitalism and ‘the system.'”

“And, I think crime/looting could get worse in the coming years, and become a serious wedge for our country in the coming elections.”

“+ this article shows why Democrats will continue to lose elections and show the logical and moral bankruptcy of the comments which ‘justify’ this type of theft

“+ ‘wokeness’ may make them feel morally superior but strikes the average voter as insane”

“+ The minimizing, denying and rationalizing of the horrific burning and looting that started during the [BLM] protests has done great harm to the cause, the Democratic Party and the country”

“I feel concerned that the party has increasingly shifted left into ‘crazy’ territory — where crime is not bad, theft is okay, property = theft, etc.”

“I am also seeing tweets that seem to *want* to rile people up.”