Education Disruption Underway

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Education Disruption Underway

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Education Disruption Underway
The Many Saints of Ronald
DeSantis: "The woke is the new religion of the left and delegitimize our founding fathers and foundational principles. This woke virus is in corporate America, educational institutions and legacy media which spins a blizzard of lies that assaults our freedom."

Teach Tolerance?
Chris Rufo: "New York Magazine says that parents are ‘household tyrants’ and don’t deserve the right to direct their children’s education. The Left has long believed that children should be ‘liberated’ from their families and shaped by the state. Now they’re saying it out loud."

Dana Loesch: "VIDEO: Texas Middle School Teacher: ‘Those Conservative Christians Need to Get COVID and Die’"

Libs of TikTok: "BREAKING: Texas teacher who said ‘Conservative Christians should get covid and die’ has resigned!"

Long Division
James Lindsay has a receipt: "’Equitable math’ = Communist math"

Max Eden has another: "CAN YOU COUNT… how many ways MATH IS RACIST!? Math proficiency is hovering at 22% or so. But these #EQUITY people don’t care. They have their own LESSON PLAN for your kids…"

Max Eden with more: "’We no longer believe that a focus on teaching and learning is enough. We must inject toxic, leftwing CRT ideology into everything, especially MATH’ -Reasonably accurate paraphrase of 2022 Association of Math Teacher Educators Conference.’

“Sometimes making MATH about toxic, racist, CRT-indoctrination just isn’t enough”

Max Eden ain’t done: "For those special moments when schools want to sneak in CHILD SEX ABUSE (with a ‘call-parents-RACIST-if-they-object-or-your-money-back-guarantee), there’s Maya Angelou Math Homework !!!

The Left’s Loaded Language
Rufo: "Beautiful: "The ordinary meaning of terms such as ‘anti-racist’ and ‘diversity, equity and inclusion’ has been supplanted and distorted by proponents of an ideology that actively groups, segregates, discriminates or otherwise advocates for differential treatment [based on race]."

Fight For Schools: "People are getting wise to these smearing antics. Calling everyone a racist terrorist is getting old."

Rufo: "Telling children they are ‘oppressors’ and guilty of historical crimes because of their skin color is not ‘diversity.Don’t let your enemies frame the issue with euphemisms. Get the heart of the matter, develop your own language, and don’t back down."

Smug Has Retired Satire
Post Millenial: "John Oliver’s attempt to smear a Critical Race Theory critic backfires spectacularly"

Rufo: "P.S. The reason John Oliver and Trevor Noah aren’t funny is because, traditionally, the court jester is supposed tomock the nobility; Oliver and Noah, by contrast, sneer at the population ‘below’ them. They’re not a challenge to power; they’re a mouthpiece for power."

Get Used To It
Rufo: "Nineteen states have introduced curriculum transparency legislation. Teachers unions and the ACLU have lined up in opposition, rallying their members to state capitols and threatening lawsuits to keep the curriculum a secret. Here’s the state of play"

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