Laser Focused on Great 8

I continue to hear from Minnesotans in my district and across the state asking me to consider running against Gov. Walz in 2022 and I am humbled and touched by their words of support, but I will remain laser focused on fighting relentlessly for my constituents in the 8th district and defending our way of life.

Let’s be clear: we need someone who can step up and beat Gov. Walz and hold him accountable for his gross mismanagement of our state and his troubling unilateral rule, with no input from the legislature, on decisions that have negatively impacted Minnesota for the past 12 months.

For a year, Tim Walz has suffocated our small businesses and main streets citing faulty data and exhibiting a total lack of understanding how small businesses work. His misguided decisions have devastated our nursing homes and vulnerable seniors and for too many months kept our public schools closed severely impacting our children who are falling further and further behind.

As a retired police officer, it was tragic to see Tim Walz sitting on his hands allowing the Third Precinct burn to the ground and doing nothing for days while rioting, looting, and anarchy reined, and small businesses and private property were burned and destroyed.

Minnesota is suffering from failed leadership and I look forward to supporting someone who can not only beat Tim Walz but move us forward and help return our state to greatness.

I look forward to visiting with you soon as, together, we fight for our way of life!


Pete Stauber

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